Friday, February 11, 2011

She put on some jeans and makeup!

...granted holey jeans, but hey you can't go spending tons of money on clothes when you're losing at this rate. :)  I am kind of glad I kept some of my "big girl" clothes. :)  I have had these jeans for about 5 years now.  Yikes!  They are still pretty tight, but I got 'em buttoned!
Anyway, I had my daughter take a picture of me before we went out to the store this afternoon (highlight of my days haha!), because it is really the first time in awhile I have made myself "presentable."  (and btw, this is Wyoming people- so this is pretty dressed up... lol!)  Before it was the excuses of just having a baby (and being overly chubby) and then it was how in the heck do you get out of the door with 3 kids and have showered, put on clean clothes... and don't even mention makeup. :)  Lately it has been the excuse of, since I am on my diet I can't be putting on makeup all the time (even if it is protocol makeup- I kind of like to keep myself completely unfettered with such things during protocol).  So today, on Day 22 when I found myself in the presence of other human beings did not a one runaway screaming in fright and disbelief. :)   

Seriously, I have so far to go to be at a healthy and desirable weight, but it just feels nice to not be completely and ridiculously stuffed and overflowing in my clothes. :)  Anyway just thought I would share... tomorrow is the big 23!  I am not sure what I am going to do yet (because as you all know I was planning a long 46 day round).  I have never done such a long round, but I am kind of thinking I would at least like to get to 165 so I can maintain (or lose *cross fingers*) from there?  Anyway, we'll see what the morning brings!   


  1. i think you look great! i wish i had the nerve to post pictures...i'm not nearly as brave as you! you're doing great :)

  2. You look awesome! I didn't know you were from Wyoming! I lived just south of Denver CO for 10 years - just moved to Australia last August, so I was close by you! I DESPERATELY wanted to get to Jackson Hole before I left (never went there) but didn't.

    We are planning a trip back "home" to CO in early 2012. I love and miss the snowy mountains! Anyway, back to subject, do you think that 155 with HCG looks different than 155 without (as in measurements?) I hit 154.6 and clothes that I was wearing when I was last in my high 140's are fitting me great, just wondered if you found that the case also?

  3. You are looking smokin hot! I'm so impressed by your losses. I've never had such good luck on protocol...usually losing about 0.41 lbs/day. I'm jealous....and we weigh the same now. :-) Next round you do, I"m going to do it with you! GREAT job!!!

  4. You're beautiful!! Keep up the GREAT work!!:)