Sunday, February 13, 2011

My HCG Survival kits

 Personal Care Survival Kit

  • Biolage Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Alba Botantica very emollient body lotion- I just started using this lotion (I put a link in an earlier post about a lotion from so would try this first), because I was desperate.  I have been struggling with really, really dry hands and lips this round and I thought I would just try it.  Now, I only lost 0.6 pounds yesterday (but it was worth it because I got some relief)... so not sure if this is the reason or if it was because I was having difficulty drinking enough water yesterday.  Sometimes I just get sick of drinking and drinking and drinking... as you all well know. :)
  • Epson Salt- A must have for detox baths!
  • Naturally Fresh  deodorant crystal
  • Bamboo Wear Powder- Thank you so much SuperMommySometimes!  I read your post about it and decided to check it out for my own use and sure enough it will work for this diet... and it so happens I have fallen in love with it!
  • Organic wear mascara- for those times I do put on makeup (like I said I usually like to go natural while on protocol for the most part)... I use my usual eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil.  Haven't noticed any affects from them.

Supplemental Survival Kit
  • My HCG of course!
  • Vanilla Creme Stevia- first round I bought flavored stevia and I am in LOVE!  I want to get some other flavors too.  I put it in my coffee, tea and water!
  • Silicae- for constipation and also hair and nails
  • Whey Slim Shake- it really doesn't taste all that great... but I have only tried it a couple times so far, maybe it is an acquired taste?  Oh, and this could be a possible culprit for only losing 0.6 pounds, too?  I don't know for sure?
  • Weight Off- an appetite suppressant (not really sure if I am sold). 
  • Clinical Nutrients for Women- just an overall nutritional vitamin
  • Smooth Move, Super Dieter's Tea & Green Tea- got to have these!
  • Ultra B-12- used for energy, etc...
  • Stevia Dent- this is the first round I have ever used this product, too and I do like it... however, don't use it while around food (remember my red velvet, cream cheese frosting cupcake fiasco :)).  Chewing gum increases saliva and the desire to eat.  I like to use it when I am out and about or doing household chores, etc...  
So, there you have it!  Just thought I would share what I cannot live without while on protocol.  

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