Thursday, February 10, 2011

Make new friends, but keep the old

This is technically my 4th round.  I like to call it a second 1st round, because I had a year in there of being pregnant after my first 3 rounds.  Round 1 & 2 were immensely successful and got me to the after photo displayed in the sidebar.  Round 3 was basically a disaster.  It was around Christmas and I went into it too quickly after round 2.  Each round I learn something and expand my knowledge not only about the HCG diet, but also about me and who I am.  I also gain so many friends and fellow dieters.  I am reminded about the Girl Scouts song, "Making New Friends." (Yes, I was a Brownie. :)  Just one year, but I still remember...)   

Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver, and the other's gold.

A circle is round that never ends,
And that's how long I'm gonna be your friend.  
I have been so excited to meet new friends and follow their stories as they follow mine.  I have also been overwhelmed with the comments of encouragement and support!  You guys rock! :)  I also, think about my old friends, too and wonder how they are doing and miss them...  I started to make the following list and didn't realize there were so many of us back then: 

These were my first followers and I miss you both- hope you are well!
Kayla's Big Journey (taken down)

Hope you are well, Christy!  You are awesome and I miss you!
Christy in Seattle

Loved these blogs!  
Wee Skinny

Completely miss your posts! :)
Miss Mary's This and That

Always there to uplift the spirit and give one inspiration!  

I hope you are okay!  Miss your posts... not an HCGer, but loved her story...
Confessions of a + Sized girl (taken down)

Miss you so much!  Always the most encouraging and insightful comments!
hcg&meontheroadtofindout (lavenderdiva!)

A truly best friend in this journey!  Miss you so much!  
Hormonally Changed Gal

Other wonderful blogs...
Chica Bonita Gets it Together (taken down)
Time for HCG

Still hear from these three lovely women! :)  They are all wonderful inspirations and hugely successful in their weight loss journey!
Journey to Me Via HCG
Autumn's Rosier Days
Random Thoughts and HCG
I also, have the support of real life friends and bloggers who continue to lift me up and amaze me with their support. :)  Love you guys!

Anyway, my point is I am so thankful for my old and new friends... I keep trying to post to alert people to a new wonderful blog and new friend to add to the circle.  Blogging has really kept me honest and has given me something to focus on and provide a place to put down my successes and failures throughout this journey.  I know I was MIA there for awhile and we all quit blogging for some reason or another, but just want you all to know you have not been forgotten and you are missed. :)  You all got me through my initial fight to a healthy, strong me and I appreciate it more than I can express.   

So, if anyone of you see this- drop in a line!  Hope you all are well!    


  1. What a great post! Its good to be reminded that in this we not only get to lose weight and become healthier, but find friends that we potentially will be in some kind of contact with forever....a really nice thought to start my day over here in Oz!

  2. You are just the sweetest!! :) So glad you have been a part of my weight loss journey - you are full of encouragement and insightfulness yourself! HUGS to you!!

  3. I'm new on the HCG scene, but I have had a ton of fun looking through the blogs. I can see how we can become attatched to friends...HCG is such a wild ride! You don't get it unless you do it.

  4. Sweet, sweet Caitlin! Thank you for remembering me today-

    I've been reading your posts, but I haven't been posting anywhere really since last year. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do next.

    Congratulations on your recent 15lb loss! Your idea of breaking your loss down into 15lb increments is wonderful- AND Congratulations to you on the cause of it all: your beautiful new baby boy!! You are SO brave and fearless having him the way you did! I admire you!!

    much love to you my friend-

  5. I'm so thrilled you think of me as successful with my weight loss journey. I feel I'm still struggling with the maintaining part.

    I enjoy reading your blog posts. You are always so positive and inspiring.