Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 21- It paid off!

weigh in:  172.4 lbs
loss of:  0.8 pounds

Total loss to date:  17.8 pounds in 20 days...  average of 0.89 pounds lost/day

So after 20 days complete and 18 days on VLCD- I need to keep it in perspective and pat myself on the back. :)  I pushed through yesterday's disappointment and frustration, and here I am on the other side just that closer to getting out of the 170's.   Keep it up, Caitlin! :)

Thinking of you all!  Happy HCGing!


  1. You are really doing incredible! Can you believe in 3 weeks you have lost nearly 20lbs? Its amazing, 20lbs is a LOT, and it will show on you when you are seeing people, that always feels so good when people say "you look great!" Keep on!