Sunday, March 27, 2011


weigh in:  165.6 lbs

YES!  I have no idea why the drop in weight.  I didn't especially eat to lose yesterday and even had some Oreos for the first time in forever!  They just didn't taste the same, but you know when you eat something because you are bored, and it is there and you just do it.  However, I didn't inhale ten or more.  I had control and ate reasonably- if eating Oreos can be reasonable in any way. :)    

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!  Until next time!   

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practice some patience

All week long my weight stayed so stable even while adding a cookie on occasion, half a flatbread to a sandwich and some delicious chocolate.  I stayed within a pound range of 165.8 and 166.8 pounds.  However, this morning I weighed in at 168.0 pounds.  And then it dawned on me... that good ol' time of month.  So I am not too worried about it and am going to try and not stress about the gain.  And so begins my 5th week of maintenance.  How time flies! 

I have now altered my plan and I am going to practice some patience in this area of my life.  I am going to start my 2nd round next Saturday.

I would also like to write about a little observation.  I have noticed that wonderful effect from HCG during maintenance.  For instance, one night we ordered pizza for our visitors and ourselves (not in the mood to cook) and I ate the toppings of 2 slices and felt full and quit eating.  Typically, I would eat 2-3 whole pieces and still feel hungry.  I love that feeling and trigger:  "I am full.  I don't need or want to eat anymore."  So nice!  I did not gain from that dinner and even lost a bit.

Anyway, hope all are well and I am off to catch up on your blogs.  Thank you so very much again for the input and readership on our new business blog!  Oh, and thank you to the new followers of this blog!  I love it!       

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank you, thank you!!!

Just wanted to drop in real quick to say:  Thank you so very much Karyn and Clarity!!!  I so appreciate your comments and being the first two to follow our blog! :)  Sometimes those first people are all it takes!!!

So although I don't have time right at the moment to personally give the thanks you deserve (have had company all week long) just want you to know I am so grateful! 

Hope you all are well!  I will be back to update this weekend.

Take care.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update and business website

weigh in:  166.2 pounds
 0.8 above lowest weight

Pretty darn good!  I have been so pleased with maintenance this round.  It just goes to show with a little extra research and effort success is sure to follow!  

Other than that I have just been busy on our business website and would like to solicit your thoughts once again:  Are you a raVing fan yet?

I just wrote a post about the persistent beetle kill in our neck of the woods:
Are you a raVing fan yet?: The loss of a tree: "I had been in denial.  Last summer and fall I watched with anxiousness as our beloved evergreen started showing signs of beetle infestation..."

So, I know it is a lot to ask, but please, please help me out here and let me know your honest opinion and/or comment/follow.  I would desire nothing less than complete honesty!  I really need help on this and like I said I am feeling a little nervous about it and would love to have your support and constructive criticism!  I promise I won't dwell on this subject for long on this blog. :)  Thank you so much!   

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shameless self-promotion :)

Hi, guys!  I am stealing a line from my friend to describe this post: Shameless self-promotion. :)  

So here it is:  I have been working on setting up a blog for our business, Raving Real Estate.  If you wouldn't mind, check it out here, and let me know what you think!  I know it doesn't have anything to with weight loss, but just thought I would start spreading it around to everybody and anybody. :)  It is not only specific to our area, but hopefully will be helpful to many in regard to Real Estate in general.  In all honesty, I am pretty nervous about this venture.  As you all know, I have just blogged for my own amusement and staying connected and supported to others trying to lose weight.  I guess the pressure of writing coherently, precisely and carefully is a little scary.  I just really have written what it was I wanted to write in really any form I desired and now I have to be a little more cautious and professional.        

So, I need to step it up a bit.  I need to start figuring out all the ins and outs of blogging and start getting serious! :)  I would love to figure out how to get a crazy following like Jack Sh*t or Bitchcakes or Prior Fat Girl, etc.  You guys are awesome and I guess you got to be pretty interesting to start off, right?! :)  So anyway,  I would so appreciate your input first and foremost and if you want to follow, subscribe or share- that would, of course be wonderful too! :)

Thank you all so very, very much!  You all are an incredible network of people and I respect and appreciate you all!!! 

PS- I have replied to several of your comments on the post you commented on and have realized I probably should have gone to your blog and commented.  :)  Can't expect people to come back and check if I replied or not. :)  So I will try to be better about that...  Thanks again!          

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get your green on!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from me and my little brood. :) 

A simple thank you would be nice...

weigh in:  You guessed it!  167.4 pounds :)

This is so nice, because what I have not posted is that I have had M&M's, a little ice cream last night, half of a pancake a day ago, apple juice and some yogurt (at the beginning of P3 dairy was giving me trouble).  I am so pleased with maintenance this time around.  I can do this!  Thinking about starting round 2 next week.  We will see...

Anyway, I would like to discuss the art of thankfulness.  So, I have posted my success on Facebook for all my "good" friends to see and without fail a couple girls will ask me to give them further information.  I gladly do this, because I get really excited about sharing HCG and like to be the one to introduce it as- "Even though it worked for me, be aware that it may not work for you.  It is not easy!  You really should get a doctor's okay (how many people really heed that advice- I mean I didn't).  It is not an easy fix, regardless of looking that way.  Read Dr. Simeons' Manuscript and then I will help you from there."  Sometimes I even give the person a link to my blog, which takes a lot of guts sometimes because I am pretty transparent here- and most people don't even have the decency of saying anything.  I have quit doing this, because I have found it is far too generous and not appreciated anyway.   

That is how I started out and therefore believe it is wise to not just jump headlong into something that you could very easily screw up.  Anyway, some read it and research and go for it and these people have immense success... others don't read it and do one of two things:  do it anyway (very, very bad!), or dismiss it and go on with their lives (perfectly acceptable).  Some are successful, some find it not to their liking and others fail miserably and wonder why?!  Really pisses me off, if you couldn't tell. :)  These people are usually just looking for something that will take the fat off fast (a vain venture).  These people do not think about the fact of however you choose to lose weight it requires a lifelong commitment and lifestyle change.   

Okay, what happens after I give the information is not really my point.  My point is, "thank you" seems to be out of fashion.  I mean whatever a person does with the information is their business, but a simple "thank you" for your time and all the links and experience pointers seems to evade people.  What is up with that?!  That is why I quote "good" friends, because I am sorry over half the people listed as your "friends" on Facebook are really not your friend.  Stupid Facebook!  Okay, I really don't mean that, but you get my point.

Just yesterday I asked Jack Sh*t about tabs at the top of a blog and am very grateful for his time and effort on helping an aliterate person such as myself. :)  Thank you again!  So, start looking for a blog face lift in the near future! :)  Here is the link he gave me just in case anyone else is interested:  Blogger Buzz

I am gradually learning- it is only taking a couple years. lol! 

Anyway, just a little annoyed with people who don't feel the need to thank a person.  I am not asking for a handwritten, fancy thank you note... just a reply of thanks, I got the information and appreciate your time.  

I am sure I will continue to respond to "these" people, because I just can't be rude myself.  Just want those of you who have cared enough to say a little thank you- that I am thankful to hear these two little words and so happy HCG has been able to help some of you!

Take care!   

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

Thank you for the comments on my picture below.  I took that picture yesterday to depict one of the flower clips we made and was pleasantly surprised.  I really love that picture of me.  A picture that happens to reveal something different about oneself can't help but make one feel good.  I love the fact that I am not wearing brown, black or white (my go-to colors when I am heavier).  I also love that it is a little more artistic than some of my others. :) 

As I get closer and closer to my goal I start looking completely different in pictures and it is more about the confidence that inevitably blooms with weight loss.  I see it all the time whether you have 15 pounds or 200+ to lose.  I think that is why I love before, during and after photos of not only myself, but of all who make this journey.  It is simply wonderful to see a different kind of smile on someone's face.  A smile of achievement!  After all, as we all know weight loss is not simply a vain venture.  It is a growth period to reveal the beautiful self you want to portray to the world.  A time to learn about yourself, accept your flaws, change the flaws you can and a chance to uncover the many reasons why to love yourself.  We are imperfect beings and in that imperfection, it is said lies true beauty.  

So now onto weigh in:  167.4 pounds again

Either one of two things is going on here:  One, I am stabilizing 2 pounds above my lowest weight, which is awesome because at least it is stable... and only 2 pounds above which I can live with.  Or, two my scale is broken.  I will take the first option. :)  

We'll see what happens tomorrow.  I am so excited to start another round, because in just one more short round I will be back to pre-baby body!  ...barring any unforeseen obstacles.


(I took Latin in college.  Yes, yes you all can join my husband in jeers about taking such a course. lol!  "Who takes Latin- a dead language?!"  But I loved it, even though I hardly remember anything, which is the case with the French I took in High School.  Once again taking a language that would actually be useful like Spanish never crossed my mind. :)  Languages are not my forte... okay on to the point:  "Valete" is a typical closing many Romans would use which means: "be well."  Just thought it fitting and I haven't thought about it in a long while.  So Valete!                    

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 sure to wear some flowers in your hair. (even if you are not going to San Francisco :))

A time to seek out beauty.

I didn't weigh this morning.  Yesterday I weighed:  167.4- exactly 2 pounds above lowest weight again.  I am just doing a "clean eat" day and see what happens tomorrow.  This morning I just didn't want to get on the scale and so I didn't.  I guess sometimes I just need a break from the scale and thinking about the number that registers in the morning all day long. :)

Enjoying a little Spring Break right now and hopefully we can get out of town for a couple days towards the end of the week.  Trying to get some organizing accomplished and other fun activities around home with the kids.  We made some flower clips to go in their hair among other little projects.  I will have to take some pictures and post them later.  I love having girls!  Too fun! :)  

I also decided I am going to make the most out of these days before spring firmly arrives.  A time to seek out beauty.  I have resolved to take a shower each day :), put one of those flower clips in my own hair, use pretty spring napkins at tea parties with the girls, and burn scented candles.  I found these lovely lilac candles that actually smell like lilacs!  (I LOVE lilacs!)  Usually the man-made scent is so overpowering and nothing like the real thing it is not worth it, but this simple little find made me so happy. 


On a final note, Paine has started "rolling."  Well, he was rolling and then he quit for the time being. :)  Kids are interesting little creatures.  lol!  Love that little guy!  

Spring is coming!  Until next time...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Running along...

weigh in: 166.0 lbs
loss of: 1.4 pounds from chicken day...

I probably would have had better results if I had not eaten blueberries, kiwis, two of those tempting Atkins bars and a little bit of Dorothy Lynch dressing on some of the white chicken in the afternoon (man, I LOVE that stuff!!!).  So all things considering not too shabby.  The chicken was SOOO good too!  Roasted the chicken in a combination of halved lemons and garlic with chicken broth.  Yummy!

Hope you all are well and now I am off to try and get this house back in order.  I tell you, it is a never-ending battle and I am at my wits end.  Or, perhaps I really just have cabin fever.  I just want to go somewhere without sick kids and things to worry about and run in the mountains (better bring my snowshoes :)).  I can always dream for now...  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Riddle Song

My daughter has been singing this song she learned from her Music Together program at school and I have just fallen in love with it.  Here is a little background on The Riddle Song.  The youtube version I found is a little too slow for my taste, but it is such an interesting song in my opinion, and kids love it!

I have learned the old folk song and now sing it incessantly to the baby and of course the girls.  When I get on a kick I sure get on a kick. :)  

Anyway, I am doing pretty well- well now I am.  I about had a heart attack yesterday morning.  The reading on the scale was 169.8 (the highest weight I have had so far during P3)!!!  I didn't do a correction day and ended up gaining 2.4 more pounds in one day to land me at that number.  Yikes!  Well, this morning I am back down to 167.4 lbs (2 pounds exactly above lowest weight) from a steak day yesterday and I am planning my first ever chicken day today.  I will post the results tomorrow.  I really need to get this whole stabilizing thing together! :)

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The good, the bad... but no ugly thankfully :)

weigh in yesterday:  168.0 lbs
weigh in:  165.4 lbs
loss of:  2.6 pounds

The Good:  Steak day success which got me to my lowest weight!!!  I was worried from yesterday, but I guess a correction day is all it took.  Today I am going to try and eat as well as I can and see what happens tomorrow.  Hopefully, some stabilizing will start occurring since TOM is done and I am into my second week of P3!

The Bad:  All my kiddos are sick and it has not been fun since early last week.  I was trying to hold it together before, but now it is starting to take its toll.  My oldest was hit first (strep throat- now on the mend with the help of antibiotics), now my second (on the weekend of course, so we are trying to get her through so we don't have to pay an arm and a leg at the ER- man that place rings my chimes!  Is it really necessary to charge insane amounts to have a person wait forever and then be seen by a doctor for a sum total of 5-10 min. if you're lucky and then rush you off with a prescription in hand???) and now the baby is coughing and such and I really, really hope he stays okay and nothing serious happens.  It is one thing when your older children are ill, but a baby being sick scares me.  They can't talk and it doesn't take much and before you know it they need serious help.  I hate when my babies are sick!!!  My husband came down with a bug too :( (doing better now), and about the only good thing (*knock on wood*) is that I haven't had to deal with a houseful of sick people while being sick myself.  Let's hope it stays that way! 

Anyway, so good and bad news... hopefully by this time next week everyone will be back to well and happy. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my rant!  Seattle Runner Girl- I don't comment near as much as I should, but your blog is wonderful and just want to thank you again!  Thanks to all the rest of you lovely ladies, too!  The "proof is in the pudding" for us all! :)  I am, also glad I didn't offend anyone that I know of either (well, I guess I did someone- had a follower jump ship after that post.  I guess that has happened before when I voice my opinion about other contentious subjects... birth, circumcision etc. 

I think it is a funny thing.  I read many posts (weight related and not weight related) that I don't necessarily agree with or even some that make my blood boil on occasion.  But my reaction is not to run over and hit the "un-follow" button (sure I "un-follow" some blogs if they become terribly boring, don't post anymore, or of course are removed).  Isn't that part of the reason we read and write blogs?  To challenge ourselves, our beliefs, our ideas about the world?  To put a real life human experience out there for our other fellow human beings to read, support and discuss?  I love those posts that get me to thinking or those which elicit great emotion.  I either, comment respectfully or just shut up and let it simmer.  Sometimes a post may change my mind about something or it may further reinforce my belief about a topic.

Blogs are an interesting medium.  You have to judge if the author is someone you respect (whether they believe what you believe or not on a multitude of subjects), someone who isn't just there to run at the mouth, and if that someone has something to say that may be informational, inspirational, amusing or whatever else you may be seeking at the time.  Blog reading is to a certain extent real time.  You go to a blog to read about emotion a lot of the time (at least I do).  A person writes with some sort of emotion and then clicks the publish button and BAM there it is for anybody and everybody to read.  It is not edited, reviewed, hashed about for resale and then ultimately deemed acceptable for audiences and put on shelves.  It is just there.  Sitting and waiting for a passerby who you hope may sit down and read your ramblings for awhile.  

What is my point?  I don't know.  Perhaps I am just filling up the airwaves. :)  (writing to hear myself talk... sorry- I admit sometimes I write one of those posts).  But that is the beauty.  Who cares what it is, you can write it and people can read it if they so choose.

Anyway, that is that and now I would just like to make an update on the scale.  So yesterday I was back up to 168.0?  Not sure why, and then this morning I found out why... hormonal.  Yesterday, I just thought I ate way too much (not really bad food at all, just a lot of nuts, cheese, Atkins bars- those are so good and yet I ate 3... okay fine I really ate 4 yesterday. :)  Yikes! etc...) and that was the reason I just wanted to crawl up in the fetal position.  Well, it was hormonal (hence the reason I felt the reason to down 4 of those bars) and yet I am down to 167.0 this morning.  Glad I stayed away from dairy and carbs, though or it could have been the other way.  Still 1.6 above lowest weight, but I was shocked.  I thought for sure I would be back up to 190 this morning. lol!  

I can't believe just this past January I was 190 pounds!  Yes, I still have a long way to go, but wow that is awesome!!! :)  In less than 2 months (the rest of this month for maintenance and then another 23 + days I will be back to, near or below my lowest weight achieved last time!!!  Can't wait to look like the after picture in the sidebar again! :)  

I am thinking I will have to do another 2 rounds to get to 130 pounds, and then I will just maintain all the rest of this year and then perhaps next spring I will go for 120 or who knows 115!!!  I can't even remember the last time I was 130, let alone 115?!  We'll see!

Too exciting, that is all I know!  :)
Happy HCGing and happy whatever else it is that you do to lose that weight!             

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Success! and of course, a rant...:)

weight yesterday morning (forgot to post it yesterday):  168.8 lbs
weigh in:  166.4 lbs
loss of: 2.4 pounds

1 pound above lowest weight!  Yay!  Egg Day was a success and it wasn't altogether difficult at all! :)

Okay, now on to the real business of finally writing this post.  Thank you Seattle Runner Girl for the comment to finally get me to post the following (I also, want to be clear... I took no offense and really appreciate your comment).  I sincerely, was excited to have more of a confrontational comment, because I know there may be some followers out there who read my blog and really think HCG is a load of crap... but won't say anything (which I appreciate in some regards, but I also do want people to feel free to voice their opinions).  So, this post is going to highlight some of the arguments I believe in as a defense for not only the HCG diet in general, but also specifically homeopathic HCG.   

I was wondering if the segment you watched was hosted by Dr. Oz?  I watched it not too long ago and was both annoyed and surprised.  I was not only annoyed, obviously with the good ol' dietitian and doctor who ardently bashed HCG without really any basis, but also I was annoyed with some of the HCG advocates.  They made it sound easy and simple, and furthermore they made none of the really great arguments against the experts freaking out about 500 CALORIES.  For those of you who actually have put in the time and effort you know the HCG diet takes extreme discipline and dedication.  HCG is not a miracle and it is most definitely not for everyone-not only for various medical reasons, but also it just merely may not be a fit.  Just want to be clear that I am not one of those "it is my way or the highway" people.  I put extreme value on the eat less (or better) and exercise more premises of weight loss.

I would like to point out the arguments that should have been brought up in defense of HCG. 
  1. You CANNOT lose weight safely and effectively by merely eating 500 calories a day.  If you were to do this you would look like a Survivor contestant by the end.  Skin would hang off your body and you would look like you were starving, which those people on Survivor are!  Now I have posted and posted pictures of myself before, during and after and in NO WAY do I look like I am starving.  Read the following explanation: 
"In the human body we can distinguish three kinds of fat. The first is the structural fat which fills the gaps between various organs, a sort of packing material. Structural fat also performs such important functions as bedding the kidneys in soft elastic tissue, protecting the coronary arteries and keeping the skin smooth and taut. It also provides the springy cushion of hard fat under the bones of the feet, without which we would be unable to walk. The second type of fat is a normal reserve of fuel upon which the body can freely draw when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient to meet the demand. Such normal reserves are localized all over the body. Fat is a substance which packs the highest caloric value into the smallest space so that normal reserves of fuel for muscular activity and the maintenance of body temperature can be most economically stored in this form. Both these types of fat, structural and reserve, are normal, and even if the body stocks them to capacity this can never be called obesity.
But there is a third type of fat which is entirely abnormal. It is the accumulation of such fat, and of such fat only, from which the overweight patient suffers. This abnormal fat is also a potential reserve of fuel, but unlike the normal reserves it is not available to the body in a nutritional emergency. It is, so to speak, locked away in a fixed deposit and is not kept in a current account, as are the normal reserves. When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat reserves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned. It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fat. They feel famished and tired and their face becomes drawn and haggard, but their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement. The fat they have come to detest stays on and the fat they need to cover their bones gets less and less. (Dr. Simeons Manuscript, 4
But, perhaps I should back track a little bit.  Dr. Simeons was not some voodoo doctor or quack, etc...  he was a well distinguished physician who studied the problem of obesity for over 40 years!  I guess I get so frustrated when conventional medicine deems everything outside of Western Medicinal Science (even though this weight loss solution is not technically outside of it) as false, stupid or even go so far as to say what helps a person in this category could only possibly be a "placebo." 

The work of Dr. Simeons is obviously not crazy or weird.  He sincerely cared about finding the cause of obesity and fought for years to find one.  I know, I for one have experienced this frustration.  As a young girl I was extremely active.  I played basketball, ran and jumped in track, rode horses, worked hard outdoors at our home (a small farm- I guess you could say)... I was so ridiculously physical and yet I was "chubby."  I worked so hard.  I ate well.  I exercised to the point of exhaustion and yet I still looked nothing like I thought I should.  Granted I was not fat, but I was not slim either and being in high school this drove me mad!  Well, I was starting to reserve myself to the fact that this is just how it is going to be- NOT ANYMORE and I owe that all to HCG!  

Anyway, I digress... here is a quotation stating the above- that Dr. Simeons scientifically, diligently and passionately attacked the problem of obesity:  

"This book discusses a new interpretation of the nature of obesity, and while it does not advocate yet another fancy slimming diet it does describe a method of treatment which has  grown out of theoretical considerations based on clinical observation. What I have to say is, in essence, the views distilled out of forty years of grappling with the fundamental problems of obesity, its causes, its symptoms, and its very nature. In these many years of specialized work, thousands of cases have passed through my hands and were carefully studied. Every new theory, every new method, every promising lead was considered, experimentally screened and critically evaluated as soon as it became known. But invariably the results were disappointing and lacking in uniformity. I felt that we were merely nibbling at the fringe of a great problem, as, indeed, do most serious students of overweight.
We have grown pretty sure that the tendency to accumulate abnormal fat is a very definite metabolic disorder, much as is, for instance, diabetes. Yet the localization and the nature of this disorder remained a mystery. Every new approach seemed to lead into a blind alley, and though patients were told that they are fat because they eat too much, we believed that this is neither the whole truth nor the last word in the matter. Refusing to be side-tracked by an all too facile interpretation of obesity, I have always held that overeating is the result of the disorder, not its cause, and that we can make little headway until we can build for ourselves some sort of theoretical structure with which to explain the condition. Whether such a structure represents the truth is not important at this moment. What it must do is to give us an intellectually satisfying  interpretation of what is happening in the obese body. It must also be able to withstand the onslaught of all hitherto known clinical facts and furnish a hard background against which the results of treatment can be accurately assessed. " (1)
Now onto the subject of homeopathic HCG vs. injectable.  I really have no idea what Dr. Simeons would think about homeopathic HCG.  I would assume he would ardently express his dismay at people doing it on their own, and I actually agree with this point.  It would be absolutely preferable to be observed and cared for by a practicing physician.  This is not really an option for me.  So, this would be my hope- that Dr. Simeons may have studied homeopathic HCG for himself and not immediately write it off and jump on the bandwagon of saying homeopathy is completely worthless and a "placebo" at best.  If he would not actively study the issue if he was given the opportunity, then so be it.  

I really don't care, because I know it works and there is no possible way I would survive and last 23 days + with only my mind to convince me this is working.  NO WAY!  Furthermore, why does homeopathic HCG register on a pregnancy test if there are only trace amounts at best?  I know from experience, those tests need a lot of the hormone to test positive.  I have to be at least 9 weeks pregnant to test positive.    

Homeopathy is an interesting and overly downplayed "medicine," for lack of a better word.  I of course, am a huge supporter of not only HCG but also homeopathy.  I believe that much in HCG... and I have proven its effectiveness for me. 

Here is a little funny... I think it is hilarious how Homer gets all sorts of passionate about protecting a big pile of sugar as if it is a stand against all that is wrong in the world.  So, yes I can laugh at myself in regard to my love for HCG. :)    

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alternative Correction Days

...still getting along pretty well.  However, I was up over my lowest weight by 3 lbs this morning.  Oops!  I really do love Phase 3, but sometimes it gets on my nerves because you really have to watch your own body and what may affect weight gain for some may not for others.  So it really is a learning process.  I found this site that lists some Alternative Correction Days!!!  Listed are the following:  High Fat Correction Day (which seems a little risky to me too many places to go wrong, in my opinion), Nut Day (which sounds a little difficult to stick to and pretty expensive- nuts are not cheap!),  Chicken Day (sounds wonderful- part of the reason Steak Days are so difficult for me is refraining from eating all day long... so being able to eat on a home roasted chicken sounds yummy!), and the Egg Day.  And of course, there is the Apple and Cheese Day.  Love having some options!  Today I am giving the Egg Day a shot.  I will report in the morning.  I kind of messed up in the afternoon, though... had some nuts and raisins.  Afternoons are killers for me.  This time of day is so difficult sometimes!  

Anyway, to answer a comment left in the previous post.  Homeopathic HCG is a little different than injectable form.  You don't have to wait as long to start a next round, at least that is what I have learned.  Feel free to correct me, if any one out there knows better! :)  I am waiting 4 weeks to start my next round, which I probably should wait 6 weeks, but I just don't have the time or patience to wait.  Let's hope I don't shoot myself in the foot. :)  

I will be back in the morning and I am hoping I can get back down to my lowest weight soon!  Hope you all are well!