Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 22- Bad English

weigh in:  171.4 lbs
loss of: 1.0 pounds

Total loss to date:  18.8 pounds

Still truckin' along...  And, I meant to mention yesterday I upped my water intake by 2 liters from 3 to 5 liters a day.  I think that really helped jump start weight loss again?  We'll see if it is just a fluke or what? :)

On other topics... so glad to hear from some of you guys yesterday!  You all mean so much to me- old and new and little comments left behind from each of you brighten my day!  

Oh, and I bet y'all think I am an illiterate ignoramus?! :)  Last night I came out of the bathroom with a scowl on my face and I asked my husband, "Is p-a-y-e-d a word?"  And, he said, "Uh, NO!"  I started laughing because I already knew, "OMG, sometimes I am an idiot!" :)... so anyway what I meant as the title of my Day 21 post is "It PAID off!" LOL!  English is kind of stupid.  I am re-learning this more and more as I try and help my 5 year old learn our crazy ways (maybe I should resign my position :))...  Yes, honey it sounds the same, but is spelled in two different ways.  Or, yes you can't hear that letter, but it is there...etc.  haha!

So thanks to you all for putting up with my dashes and dot, dot, dots and misspellings and use of too many prepositions to really master the art of run on thoughts and "bad" English! :)  

... or rather "poor" English. lol!      


  1. I am convinced that water is very key. When I make sure to get at least 4 liters in during the day, my losses are always better. You are doing great!

  2. You sound so much like me! I correct my children when I hear them saying "aint". Can you guess the "word" I catch myself using?
    I use a lot of dots, too. I was an english major in a different life.

    You did a nice job getting the scale to move again!