Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life change

I haven't had a chance to give thanks to you, my friends.  So, without further ado... thank you all for the thoughtful and insightful comments below.  You all are so good to me and support me at my weakest.

This second week has been tougher, but I also believe great strides have been made too.  I am going to continue the march on this road to health whether it kills me or not. :) lol!  No, I am just kidding... but seriously can sugar just be eliminated from the face of the Earth already?  Please?!  It would make this so much easier. :) :)

I know if I persevere the reward will be incredible and I will be able to release the grasp sugar has on me.  Easter is coming up, and I swear those damnable Cadbury Chocolate Eggs are around every corner.  I am sure if I put one in my mouth it would taste revoltingly sweet, but that still doesn't dislodge the idea from my brain.
I will get through this.  I will get through this. :)

Honestly, it is so embarrassing to discuss these seemingly overpowering cravings.  I wonder what is wrong with me?  But, I know there is nothing wrong with me that I can't fix.  You gotta want to be and feel better more than you want that disgusting, terrible, poison of sugary whatever.

I am entering my third week on SugarFree Protocol and I am determined to make this week awesome!  I love this Protocol, but life change-- any way you cut freaking hard. lol!  However, I just see a future of fitness, health and happiness.  I can see it!  I know it is there and I am going to take it!  This is a springboard, a foundation to build upon.  So here is to determination, perseverance and health!             

I will close for now.  I am here for you all, and I know you all are here for me.  With happy, health wishes to you all, goodnight!

“Be well, do good work, and keep in touch”. Garrison Keillor 
(American writer and broadcaster b.1942)

Okay, for real I am ending this post...  But just wanted to put in this:  We are expecting snow tonight.  Ahhh, summertime dreaming. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A better me

As of today, I have lost 8.6 pounds on SugarFree Protocol.  I had great measurements yesterday and am so happy with this diet so far.

However, as you all know I have some issues with success and failure.  I initiate self sabotage when either one occurs.  Yesterday evening, I cheated.  This morning I called up my coach on this journey with a regretful shame.  She however, made me realize I really need to take a look at this on deeper levels.  She made me feel so much better that this is not weakness, but rather a learning opportunity.  I really do need to learn about this at a root level and move on with my life.  I do think a lot of it stems from my mother (you guys know a lot of this background).  There are other factors too, which I need to work through with some help.

I just feel hopeful and happy to be on this journey.  I am going to not only become a slimmer me, but also a better me.

Hope you all are well and as always enjoying transformations on many levels! :)      

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Holy, moly!  I thought we just had to worry about religion, politics and sex as hot topics not to discuss. lol! :)  

Thank you helderheid and SugarFree for being so open and discussing all of these issues right here.  I know I follow some blogs that diet in ways I would never choose, but they still have something of value to me.  Perhaps it is an "agree to disagree" situation.

I would like to take a moment and just offer up my own personal experience.  I started HCG in 2009 and was a complete diehard for about 2 years.  Due to certain circumstances I started wavering in my belief about HCG.  I could not stick to HCG Protocol.  I could not lose more weight.  I did not feel well, and eventually gained back a lot of weight.

I now have gone from theory to practice (granted it has been only one week :))on the SugarFree Protocol ... I am obviously a believer so far.  I will continue to put it to the test, and the true testament for me will be maintenance.  This morning I woke up to another pound loss to take me up to a 7.6 pound loss in 5 days.  I should have gained according to Simeon's Protocol after eating a huge 9 ounce pork chop with potato and sour cream along with a ton of greens cooked in butter.  However, what makes me a believer more than the weight loss is my daily blood sugar tests and how I feel.  I have never felt better!  I have energy that was never possible while I was on HCG.  My fasting blood sugar started out really low at the beginning of this week- 63 low 70's (too much insulin being pumped out keeping them low) and now this morning my fasting insulin was 83.

So, what am I saying here?  I am merely saying all I can offer is my personal experience on this blog.  My experience so happens to take me away from HCG to try something else.  I do, however believe a more middle ground is where I would like to stand on this subject.  Dieting can be such a frustrating and at times painful experience.  It can also be enlightening and fun!  Anyone on this journey deserves respect and care.

I know while on HCG I made great reflections and learned a lot about myself and made extremely wonderful friends!  You all know who you are. ;)  It is ultimately what brought me to where I am now, a place of hope again.  And in this, I hope that in whatever and however we choose to walk the path of trying to get healthy we continue to have the courage to talk about what we believe will all the passion we can muster.  That is how things get better, dialog and listening.

I wish you all a happy weekend!  And thanks again for the discussion that occurred here.  People who come to this blog can read and make their own determinations.

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.  Confucius

Chinese philosopher & reformer (551 BC - 479 BC) 

In addition, just thought I would put a picture of me with my sweet little middle child taken yesterday.  We are so anxious for spring and can't wait until all the snow has melted.  But for now we are going to enjoy the sunshine.  Put on some yellow and gear up for spring!   

Edit to include:

I have never wanted to jump into the diet debate even on HCG.  It is not one of my crusades. :)  I have plenty, but this is not one of them.  It is a topic I really don't have adequate knowledge or extreme passion to debate.  I merely give a personal account.  That is where my sort of passion lies- telling my story.  Whether it helps or hurts I take responsibility.  I post personal diet information out there (HCG and SugarFree Protocol) not to change the mind of people, but to simply share my personal narrative.  I commend people who have done much research and are out there to make the world better... no formal education necessary.  I also, commend people who care deeply for their friends support and love them and who work really hard on their own health journey.  Thank you to helderheid and many others for sticking with me through what seems to be a controversial transition!  :)

And, thank you so much for the sweet comments.  Even at 166 pounds I am loving the person staring back at me. :)           

Friday, March 9, 2012

How my thread works...

Thanks helderheid, for the question.  It is a little confusing for sure!  So I have one thread (so one post that will get longer and longer).  You click on my name in the right column and then scroll down to find my most recent post.  You can continue to comment if you so wish... it is just on the same post. 

I post everyday (except not sure about weekends yet).  Thanks so much for all your support helderheid and LD!

And here is a funny and a more serious inspiration for today. :):)   

Hope all you out there are well! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Popeye the Sailor Man!

I think I have eaten more greens in the past two days than I have in the past year! :)  On this now third day I am actually so excited about it all!

So here are some pictures of only half the spinach I had to eat- so double the amount below to reach 8 ounces of spinach!

All 8 ounces in the skillet!

Aww, there we go!  Not so bad... :):)

And here I am!  Add some red hair and hopefully some better proportioned forearms and I am well on my way! :):)  So far I have lost 4.6 pounds in 2 days.  Not too shabby.  Feeling pretty great.

(now of course I don't only eat spinach.  Go here to read the full story- Caitlin)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am up and running...

Hey, all!  I am finally on SugarFree Protocol and am doing pretty well so far!  You can follow me here:  Caitlin

My introduction does not say all that I should have said, such as:  I don't hate HCG or look down on anyone who does HCG or any other diet.  I just have had to find a new path, and right now this is the one I am on.  I love you all and miss you guys!  So glad to keep up with some of my HCG friends, though!  We are all on our journeys and work really, really hard to achieve our weight loss goals!  Press on and see what we can do! :)

Goodnight and until next time!