Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Exercise??!

Here is a short link outlining the reason for avoiding high impact and strenuous exercise while on the HCG diet:  Why You Should Refrain from Strenuous Exercise

Explains it better than I could. :)  I would also like to add:

"Can I exercise on the HCG diet?
  1. If you already exercise and have been doing so regularly for at least 2 months prior to starting the HCG diet, you can usually continue your exercise routine as long as it doesn’t include heavy weight lifting or extreme exhaustion. Just listen to how your body reacts AND watch the scale. If your weight loss is slowing or stopping all together, we suggest stopping all exercise except walking.
  2. If you want to start something new, you can start walking (or other low impact exercise like yoga, swimming, etc- I would add). A brisk walk each day is great for anyone. Don’t start walking 10 miles on the first day though."

   Thanks for the question, Kelli- definitely a good question! 

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  1. I exercised all the way through two rounds of HCG and nearly 60 pounds of weight loss. I did exercise before, and I also didn't do any ENDURANCE stuff - like super long runs, etc. But I'm a BIG believer that exercising while on HCG is actually a really, really good idea. Just my $.02!