Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 7, Round 3- Still a good loss

weigh in: 147.6 pounds
loss of: 1.2 pounds
total loss of: 7.6 pounds

Lunch: chicken tenderloin and chopped apples on spinach
Dinner: hamburger cooked with chopped onions and celery, and an apple

I drank a complete 3.5 liters yesterday! Along with a couple cups of tea...

Still a good loss and morning weigh-in has been my motivation through these days (and needs to be throughout my last round)! I need to do the absolutely best I can during the day and then whatever the number on the scale pops up I can still be proud of myself. :) As we all know, who have been on HCG for any length of time, as long as you stay true to protocol even if you have a day with low losses or no loss at all it doesn't mean things aren't happening. I am glad this round I am not just thinking it is all butterflies and buttercups, because if you aren't prepared for a slow than you will most definitely be disappointed. HCG is not completely magic, just partially. haha!


Measurements are in! I have no idea why I didn't do these at the beginning of my journey?! :) (Thank you to my husband for helping me get all the following measurements- so much easier when someone else can help you!) For those of you who are contemplating taking HCG I would suggest taking measurements. It just adds to how much your body really transforms- at least that is what I have seen from others!

weight: 148.8 pounds

arm: 11 1/2"
chest: 37"
waist: 30 3/4"
hips: 38 1/2"
thigh: 22 1/2"

I have never measured myself in my life so it was kind of interesting to see the figures. I don't have a really defined waist. I was kind of disappointed to see it hasn't dipped below 30 inches. However, I am happy that I am pretty well proportioned when it comes to hips and chest. Wish there was more in the chest area. haha! Can't wait to see what happens over the next weeks!

Day 6, Round 3- Return to 140's

weigh in: 148.8 pounds
loss of: 2.6 pounds
total loss: 6.4 pounds in 5 days!!! (I count the load days, because without them I couldn't have lost 6.4 pounds in 2 days of VLCD! :)).

Back into the 140's, oh yeah! Can't believe I let myself move out of the range, but what are you gonna do? :) I am feeling really quite well so far- no headaches!!! *Knock on wood* I think this is due to the vitamins I am taking this time around. That is really the only thing I have changed so far(besides taking 3 load days instead of 2).

Yesterday we all went sledding! Too much fun!!! It was a good little exercise to add to my day and we all had such a wonderful time.

Lunch: orange and apple (we were sledding and it happened to be over the lunch hour- I just drank a ton of water and had these two fruits)
Dinner: chicken tenderloin (I tried this cut of meat last round and LOVED it! It is much more tender and juicy than chicken breast- duh. :) It is white and lean enough that it doesn't seem to affect my weight loss drastically.)

Thanks so much to you all for following my story and encouraging me along the way!

Happy losing!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5, Round 3- Oh, sweet days...

weigh in: 151.4 pounds
loss of: 3.6 pounds (In one day!)
total loss: 0.6 below starting weight (I will add the total losses from post load from here on out.)

Oh, sweet days of early VLCD! I will miss you I am sure, but for now I will cherish you! :) :)

Lunch: White turkey, oranges on a bed of spinach (dressing- see post below... would totally suggest getting this! It is already making my life so much easier.)
Dinner: poached eggs (1 whole egg + 3 egg whites), spinach and apple salad (dressing)

Drank water, water, and some more water (need to up it a bit, though). Also, a couple cups of green tea.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 4, Round 3- Three load days

weigh in: 155.o pounds
gain of: 1.2 pounds
total gain: 3.0 pounds

I went ahead and did a third load day. Yesterday morning, I felt as if I could just go on with VLCD, however a couple hours after I wrote my post yesterday I felt increasingly hungry (which is not what I have experienced with my other rounds). I started loading around 3 pm, but I did get in a lunch on protocol: white turkey and apples on a bed of spinach with Pounds and Inches Away Vinaigrette Dressing. I am so glad I bought this with my purchase of HCG, because it is so good!
I am so excited for today and I feel great! I am in this for the long run and I am so glad I took an extra third load day. Here we go!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 3, Round 3- What?!

weigh in: 153.8 pounds
total gain during round 3: 1.8 pounds

I ate a ton!!! I mean I really overdid myself yesterday and no gain! What in the world is going on??? Two possibilities: My scale is broken or the exercise I did yesterday outweighed my food intake? I don't know?!! I am just going with it and get on with the very low calorie diet today. To tell you the truth, with all the leftovers it is a little difficult, but not when I think about the loss that will occur tomorrow and the days following. At least I hope so and my meager gain over the past two days will not hamper my ability to lose over the next days and weeks...

What are all of your opinion's on the situation? There is still time to load up today, but I really don't want to.

My Thanksgiving dinner turned out great... way too much food, but I would call it a success! :) Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks in advance for all your suggestions!

I just looked back on my last round and I only gained 2.4 pounds during load days. That is only 0.6 pounds more than this round- not that round 2 is any benchmark???

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 2, Round 3- Thanksgiving

weigh in: 153.8 pounds
gain of: 1.8 pounds

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn (4:30 and there was no crack :)) to prepare the stuffing and put the turkey in the oven. Growing up both of my grandmothers made it seem so romantic, as if something magical happened in those wee hours of Thanksgiving and Christmas morns. However, I am here to tell you there is no magic. This is what has to happen when you buy a 22 pound turkey. It has to bake for 9-10 hours, and you better wake your lazy bones up that early if you want your guests eating on Thanksgiving day and not the day after. haha!

In all honesty, there is still magic occurring during those hours. It felt wonderful, and at such an hour for me, if that was the feeling then there definitely had to be something swirling in the air. :)

I also wanted to comment on this observation: As I was lifting, cleaning and wrestling the 22 pound turkey I had acquired- I thought about the fact that I will have to lose the weight of this 22 pound turkey and then some to reach my goal. You don't really think about the actual weight you carry around until you are faced with a cumbersome and heavy 22 pound turkey, eh? haha! Furthermore, it is one thing to think about a 22 pound turkey, but then think about the actual 22 pounds or more of pure fat so desperately in need of release. Let me just say 22 pound turkey again, because I don't think I said it enough... 22 pound turkey. :) Sometimes I crack myself up! :) :)

Now on a serious note, I am thankful for:
  • My two beautiful, healthy, happy darling little girls!!! I love these two more than I thought possible.
  • My loving, humorous, intelligent and crazy husband who takes care of us so well and loves us all dearly.
  • My family. Although, we are far when it feels like we should be near we will be thinking of you all this year.
  • My home.
  • My health and the health of my loved ones!!!
  • and, HCG. I am thankful to at least not be bound by the constraints of my own weight and insecurities in this realm of my life anymore, and never again!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Third time is a charm

weigh in: 152.0 pounds

Ya, ya... didn't do so great maintaining. :( 5 pounds above lowest weight. However, seriously- 5 pounds extra is so much better then I could have ever done on anything else. Got to look on the bright side right. ;) Hopefully, with a clean round this time maintenance will prove more manageable.

My cold is mostly gone. Yay! My back is still hurting so badly!!! I can hardly bend over and I have to sit down to pick up my baby. I tried stretching and doing some yoga last night. My back felt better before bed, but this morning it is right back to how it was. Today is not going to be so much fun- with all the cleaning, standing in kitchen, running around and laundry- which is in the basement. :( Oh, well because I am sitting here with my first dose of HCG for ROUND 3! It is going to be a knockout!!! And, you know what they say, third time is a charm! I am getting all cliche. My apologies. :)

I still have to get a measuring tape (seems this town is all out) and a water bottle that will be my main provider of the necessary weight loss aiding liquid. Other than that, I hope the vitamins I got won't affect my weight loss. I picked up a product from Solaray called Adrenal Caps and a multi-vitamin and mineral made by Life's Fortune. I am also taking homeopathic silicae, which helps hair, nails, skin and even regularity. So far after taking it for just a few days my hair loss has slowed and my nails are starting to grow stronger again. We will see what happens!

Happy day before Thanksgiving, everyone!

Here are some pictures and ingredient lists of the products I mentioned above if anyone is interested or happen to know if these may inhibit weight loss while on HCG.

Adrenal caps
Ingredients - per 2 capsules:
  • Adrenal (Bovine) 340 mg
  • Proprietary Blend: 435 mg

  • Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) (root)

  • Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

  • Gotu Kola (Hydrocotyle asiatica)(whole plant)

  • Clove (Caryophyllus aromaticus) (flower)

  • Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule)* 100% natural homeopathic: Calc.Phos.3x, Ferr.Phos.3x, Kali.Phos.3x, Nat.Mur.6x.

    Life's Fortune- multivitamin and mineral
    Click to enlarge


    Tuesday, November 24, 2009


    I completed my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. I am taking a break from cleaning my home and thought I would make a quick post. I am so excited, because this will be the very first year of my grown life that I will be preparing the dinner all by myself. I hope I was paying attention all these years of being an assistant. :) I will post some pictures of the feast. (Oh, and thanks Autumn Rose- I am going to use your green bean recipe. :)). A fun day of Thanksgiving preparations and R3 preparations (because I will be eating all I can of the yummy food :))! Yipee!

    I hope my cold is mostly gone by tomorrow. I have just been pushing myself through the day, because I really do just want to sleep. And, my lower back is killing me! I have no idea what I did, go figure?! It has been a good day, regardless. :) I will leave you with the following picture. Thought it was pretty neat (or crazy!- these adults brought a little child out onto the ice of frozen Niagara Falls). Anyway, although Thanksgiving is in a couple days my leaf and fall colored decorations don't seem to fit amid all the snow and cool temperatures. Christmas decorations are soon to make their annual debut!

    Niagara Falls 1911- Although it is not unusual for the falls to receive snow, it is rare for the falls to freeze.

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Sorry, once again...

    Check this link out for information on all the nonsense that is put into makeup. :( Nothing can just be, it has to be reinforced with all sorts of nasty chemicals, preservatives and cancer causing products:

    Okay, anyway onto the pressing subject of an update, finally! Sorry, once again to everyone- if you are getting annoyed with my sporadic posts and floating start dates I don't blame you! I am getting annoyed with myself too. :) :) I am starting on Wednesday (seriously ;)). We are having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at our own home this year (my first year preparing such a dinner all by myself! Yikes! ;)). Since my starting date was pushed so close to Thanksgiving I thought I would just give it a little longer and start on Wednesday. I am going to be doing this third and final round for an undetermined length of time and so I need to feel right when at least starting out. It is important for me to commence round 3 when I feel absolutely ready. There have just been some things which have compromised my confidence like thinking I was pregnant, time of month, trying to lose a couple extra pounds, getting a head cold (woke up this morning feeling kind of stuffed up- hopefully it won't last very long), etc... that has made me continue pushing out the start date.

    Maybe I am just making excuses, but one way or another I am not starting this round to merely start this round. I am doing it when I am good and ready. I know I can do this. I have a weight goal for this round. 125 pounds! :) I am not stopping until I reach that goal. Thank you to chipmunck for pointing out the obvious. It is not wise to have a weight and time goal, they almost never coincide. You need to choose: what weight do you want to achieve, or how long do you want to be on HCG and diet?

    Until Wednesday! (or sooner if I have anything else of importance to say...)

    Thank you to you all for the support as I get geared up for this round!!!

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Not Pregnant!

    Yes, folks that was the reason I was holding off from starting my third round. I thought I might have been pregnant, but I am not! I took two tests, both read "Not Pregnant." (+ and - signs confuse me apparently. haha! :)) I was really worried because I was having several symptoms like I experienced previously with my other two pregnancies and I was late. I got my period though and so now I can relax a little and start my third round!!! I mean, we would have been happy with being pregnant, but not this soon after my second and besides I want to enjoy my new, slim body for a little while. :) :)

    So sorry to keep everyone in the dark and make it a big, huge mystery. I didn't want to reveal my worries because if I had been pregnant I assume some people in my life would be upset that my bloggerworld friends knew before they did, you know? :)

    So on with it!!! Yay! I think I will start this Saturday? Depends on my flow, because although I started my previous rounds at the start of a period I think I will hold off a couple days. Also, I mentioned before that I was having difficulty stabilizing my weight. Well, I am. I soared up above my lowest weight by 5 pounds and have been bouncing around in that range. :( Don't do a poor round!!! That is the lesson! I am doing a steak day today and strict dieting until Saturday. We will see what happens?

    Happy day to you all!

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009


    Long time no blog! We have been away celebrating an early Thanksgiving and birthday. But I am back, and I have to at least fill you all in a bit. I did not start my third round on Saturday, because of some issues which arose that has made me reluctant to start. I will keep you all posted when I know more about the whole situation. I am still so excited to do this third round, I just can't yet. I am doing just fine, though! I have been exercising and eating well. My weight is not that stable, however and I attribute that to a poor second round. I will get things lined out and hopefully get on to round 3 soon and have an easier time during maintenance once completed. It just is not a good time to begin right at the moment. Maybe I will know more in a week or so?

    I am eager to catch up on how everyone has been doing and I will be in touch!

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Remainder HCG

    I am in the process of writing a list of things I need to get prepared before I commence this final round and in the process I came across the topic of remainder HCG. I have a little HCG remaining from my last bottle (approximately 4-6 days???). So, my question to myself was should I finish up my last bottle or just start with the new. My almost immediate response: I am starting with the new! That old bottle is jinxed. haha! I have said before, "I am not a superstitious person typically, but when it comes to dieting- I damn sure am!" haha! I am going with the new fresh start and riding that for all it is worth.

    I will post my list soon and it is exciting to not just go into this round half-assed, but rather care about setting up the best possible situation for myself.

    Goodnight and happy losing to you all!

    Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

    No waiting for me! It is here! My HCG that is. :) I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. I just can't fail. I won't let myself fail!

    So, the fun begins Saturday!

    Monday, November 9, 2009

    Reality check

    My first round was so unbelievably and relatively easy. I went into round 2 thinking, "Oh, it is no big deal! I will lose an average pound a day, no problem!"

    I lulled myself into a false sense of security. I know this round is not going to be easy. I will still have the cravings and the overwhelming urges to eat. I won't lose a pound or more everyday. I will have downs. I WILL HAVE UPS! The "up" I am going to concentrate on is 127 pounds (or less :)). I am not confused or in denial as to what I have to do for this round to be successful and meet my goal. Round 2 was my reality check. You can't just slide by unscathed by the psychological pitfalls of dieting and expect results. You must accept that they are going to happen and bolster yourself in preparation for those moments, which will hopefully help thwart a full onslaught of self-sabotage. Although, the HCG diet is the easiest thing I have ever ran across, it is still a diet and you must put in great effort and focus to be successful.

    So, bring it on! I am ready!

    It's final!

    I am doing it!!! I just ordered my HCG and I am going to start Friday!!! I am so excited, you guys! I can't wait to do this thing. :)

    Here is my affiliate button with DIYHCG. I have bought two bottles of HCG from this company and this will be my third! I have received my HCG within 3 days every time and I am even more excited for this third bottle to arrive than even my first!!! YAY!

    Lose Weight Now!

    I was down 1.6 pounds this morning after a steak day yesterday. So, I am just working on getting down in weight for Friday!!!

    Hope you all are doing well and I am so excited to join you all who are on the protocol! We can do this!!! Jeez, there sure are a lot of exclamation points in this post. haha! :)

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    I'm a'thinkin'...

    Today is the 8th of November. I will be done with my 3 week maintenance phase by the 18th of November. I'm a'thinkin' (hence the title) of the following: We are celebrating Thanksgiving/birthday early with family on the weekend of the 14th-15th. So, what if I start my third round on the 16th? Can I start a couple days early?

    I know you all are thinking I am nuts!!! But, seriously I am so sick and tired of waiting already! I am ready for this. I went through what I had to last round and now I am just dying to get going again! If I were to start on the 16th (if that is okay- I don't know, I will have to check up on that and get all of your opinions?) I would be done with 23 days by the 8th of December (so with wiggle room before Christmas). Since it is so easy to maintain off of this diet, who cares if I eat a little holiday food here and there after I am done with the 500 calorie diet while on HCG. I can easily correct an increase in weight. My thinking is, if I can do this and start out with a weight of 149 (I seem to be hanging out 1.8 pounds above my ending weight) plus load day weight gain (maybe get up to 152?) it is only 25 pounds to get down to 127 pounds, and only another 2 pounds to get to 125!!! I don't know, perhaps I am being too hasty and impatient??? I do know, that during my second round I lost 12 pounds in the first 9 or so days and then I just screwed everything up from there. So, in my mind losing 20 pounds would not be too much of a stretch, because I AM READY!!! and then the extra 5 pounds I would have to be more patient. If I lost 20 pounds I would be at 132, and I am committed, whether I do proceed with a round before January to not give up until I see 127 (at least!!!). I am not delusional enough to say I might not give up at 127 and not push on to 125.

    Who will be doing a round during this time of year? Am I just going to be shooting myself in the foot? I don't know? Anyone out there who can foresee the future? :) Here is a little more additional thinking behind my desire to start another round right now (or in the next week):
    • I don't really want to eat all the foods I technically could during the holidays: sugar cookies, stuffing, pie... etc? I could eat, turkey. I will be done with the 500 calorie diet by Christmas and therefore if I have a slice of pie and have an increase in weight I would just correct that gain.
    • I want to get down to the 120's for all the Christmas festivities.
    • I am not having that much fun maintaining as I did my first round and I think that is due to the fact that I feel like I have unfinished business and I KNOW I CAN DO BETTER!!! I know I have the motivation and excitement to get me through. Also, I am not really craving P3 foods- I am craving P2 foods (I can eat those, but don't want to since I am not on HCG- I don't get it either)!!! I know, nuts again! :)
    • I want to buy clothes, but don't want to yet because I am not to the weight I want to achieve.
    • I am having this nagging want to see what my tummy and breasts will look at when I hit the 120's after all this talk about plastic surgery. :)
    • I have been running and exercising and when I am moving it feels like, yes my muscles are getting stronger, but because of the wonderful affects of HCG on melting pure fat from your body it could really improve my exercise further not having an additional 25 pounds of fat on my body. Does that make sense?
    • I just want to...
    I am thinking I might buy 2 bottles this time just so I don't have the "running out of HCG" angst. I will do this for whenever I do decide to finally do my third round.

    Okay, all my fellow HCG'ers weigh in on the subject and give me your honest opinion. :) I respect you all and take all of your suggestions very seriously. So, go ahead and tell me flat out how insane or sane you think I may be. :) :)

    One final thought: You know when you are at a point of having to do something and deep down you really know whether you want to or not? Well, during my first 3 weeks of maintenance after my first round (and when I was enjoying P3), when I look back on my deep rooted feelings... I really didn't want to begin my second round right then and there and after only 3 weeks. (Kind of like some kids who force themselves to go to college right after high school when they really should and want to go out into the real world for a bit. :)) I merely did it, because. Just because I could. That's it. Now, I feel like I am waiting for my race at a track meet and it happens to be the last event of the day and I am just so anxious I am driving myself and everyone around me crazy with all the excited energy, because I just know I am ready and I am going to run the best damn race I can. (Sorry, I was big into track too, along with being a basketball nut.)

    I am glad to have been brave enough to start a weight loss blog, because it helps me get it all down on paper and see all the different angles more clearly. Thanks in advance to you all! I love you guys!!! :)

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    Who are you?!

    I decided I might have a multiple personality disorder. :0 LOL! On the one hand, I am a wholesome, scrapbooking, wearer of pearl earrings and such, and then on the flip side I am definitely not afraid to get down with my bad self. Who is the real me? Nobody knows. haha! Sorry, to all those who know me in real life and didn't realize how vulgar and crazy I can be. :) Sorry, to my readers who one day are lulled into a false sense of security with a nice n' cozy post and then the next I am talking about plastic surgery! For goodness sake! I don't think my flowery background helps.

    This is me, and no, not "Sybil." ;)

    Stretch marks, loose skin, liposuction, baggy boobs, breast augmentation, breast reduction, face lift, botox... the list goes on

    Plastic surgery!!! Yikes, right?! Now, just so I get it all out right here and now- I am huge fan of Nip/Tuck. I know, pretty pathetic, but seriously I really like watching the horror and disgusting indulgences of various characters highlighted in the episodes. How and when did the concept of beauty get so distorted? Anyway, I read a post recently that got me to thinking. I HATE my stomach!!! Really, I know hate is a strong word, but I am not even going to take a picture to reveal what I am talking about. Words, ought to be enough. I am one of those women. One of those who has skin that did not do so well with pregnancy. Seriously, how do some of you not have stretch marks that resemble a road map of the United States of America (or worse yet, a topographical map)? I hate you all. :) haha! No, I am kidding. Anyway, I don't know how my tummy will look when I am 20-25 pounds lighter (and not really sure about my bust either? I wish some of that fat HCG moves around would be deposited up there), but even now my tummy is just very unattractive and I am glad I have a husband who doesn't seem to mind. :)

    However, I am not too concerned because I don't plan on wearing a bikini or anything else that might show my belly in public. I can't really say I am proud of my stretch marks or loose skin, or honestly view them as well my baby scars and badges of honor, etc... I just can't and if you saw them you would understand. :) Would I ever go under the knife, probably not. I am all for the concept of plastic surgery boosting one's self-esteem and really improving a person's life, but right now I am just happy to look nice in clothes and who really cares what it all looks like underneath. :) Too risky for me and I guess my vanity is not significant enough at the moment.

    Oh, and by the way- should my blog have a content warning? (I think it is pretty neat on yours, Christy :)). I mean, with the language, pinup girls, crazy ramblings and scary pictures of yours truly, etc... :) I hope no kids are happening across, Hello, HCG!.

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    Peaks and valleys

    This post I hope may give some of you on HCG and following the diet currently some inspiration. So without further ado, here is a little insight from my own personal experience:

    As we all know, my second round did not go so well. I only lost 15 pounds in some 30 days give or take (I lost track). Now, don't get me wrong I am happy with being in the 140's (upper 140's to be exact). But, I am really disappointed in myself, because I could have pushed harder and just been a little more persistent and I would have made it to the 130's. The only reason this wave of disappointment is coming over me is because now I must get through all the holiday festivities waiting another 2 months before tackling my third AND FINAL round. :) I just wish I would have taken my second round more seriously and pushed through. So, don't be like me. haha! You all can do this. Embrace the valleys along with the grand vistas from the peaks! Valleys can too be beautifully scenic and we can't just skip from peak to peak, we must also climb. Okay, a little cheesy, but I have never claimed not to be corny or flowery. haha!

    With all that said, I do want to say and recognize that it wasn't so much a failure in numbers as it was a success in working through what I had to during my second round. Many have said this before, you learn much from the struggle. You learn through trying and having the courage to at least be in the process no matter how much you lose. What I have come away with is a greater respect for food, exercise, being healthy and myself as a person. I am worthy. We are all worthy.

    I am still maintaining and lost another 0.8 pounds yesterday to get me within range of my final weight as of round 2. So, hold out hope for that simple fact: On this diet you are less likely to gain back all the weight you just put a huge amount of effort into losing! That is awesomely wonderful!!!

    Happy losing to you all!!!

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009


    I just wanted to add that I made the post requested by a few of you on Maintenance Phase Help. It directly follows this post, just in case you want to skip the long post on clothes. Hope everyone is having a great day! :)

    I am becoming more and more interested in fashion. (It couldn't have anything to do with a newer, slimmer body now could it?) ;) Additionally, I don't really feel like I have to blend in anymore. I am not afraid to stand out! :) I mean, don't get me wrong I love my jeans and boots, but it would be fun to experiment more with color, textures, styles and cuts of clothing. I really love the vintage cuts of clothes especially of the dresses. I love ModCloth! Check it out! Here are some of my favorites...

    This yellow coat is to die for! I LOVE it! The neck line and the color, all very unique.

    These are pretty cute, too!

    Now for the dresses...

    I think this one would be beautiful for our annual Christmas party.

    ... gotta LOVE these hats!

    And you mustn't forget about the SHOES!!!

    Love these boots!

    .... and the accessories. I don't have any hoop earrings as I think they are way too predictable and trendy, but these are gorgeous!

    ... adorable gloves, too!

    Now, I need to get out there and make some money for a shopping spree! :) Actually, all these items are pretty darn reasonable for the quality and the uniqueness of the item. I also love Anthropologie, however it seems to be more expensive. I would love to start acquiring a fashion sense and a wardrobe to match. How fun!!!

    Maintenance Phase Help

    Good morning, everyone! I am down 2.0 pounds! I am going to restrict my diet a bit today and try and lose another pound. I was above my final weight by 3.8 pounds yesterday. If I don't lose today with watching what I eat a little more closely and a little more exercise I will do another steak day tomorrow. I LOVE steak days!!! :) Above is the link I first learned about from AKA Skinny Me. I have the link in my sidebar, too if you ever need it in the future. Thanks again, AKA Skinny Me!

    Maintenance Phase Help

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Maintenance update

    Now, for a maintenance update. I am doing a steak day today. :( :) I have mixed feelings. I don't mind steak days, but I wish I was not up in weight. I have not weighed myself for the past 3 days, just because. I don't know if I just needed a break from the scale or what? Anyway, I am over the 2 pound limit and I just have not been watching my food intake as closely as I should. However, from my experience it will all be good in the morning. :) At least, that was after round 1 and who knows how it will be now. You can't count your chickens before they hatch, right? :)

    Take care.

    A little somethin' somethin'...

    It doesn't take much to make yourself feel incredibly sexy. I read the following thread of advice some time ago (can't remember where): wear a garter with thigh highs under your skirt. It is a little something, something no one (unless allowed ;)) will notice, but for some reason can really add a spring to your step. I bought a pair of thigh highs and can't wait to try it out...

    Oh, and aren't the old pinup drawings amazing?! I think they are beautiful! What artistic talent to depict such sex appeal and beauty.

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    Mommy, will you play with me?

    I would like to start this post off with kind of a quirk about myself. We have this regular wind up clock in the kitchen and for half a year you have had to add an hour to the time shown on the clock to arrive at the correct time. Let me explain. It is high up on the wall. After you finally get it down you have to unscrew a seemingly insane amount of tiny screws to get at the roller that changes the time. So, I have left it an hour behind this whole time. Now I have to get used to NOT adding an extra hour. It now reads the correct time. :) Heaven forbid if the batteries go out. We will just have a useless clock on the wall. Yep, you all can laugh at me right now.

    Another thing happened today, which was really amazing for me. I have always been athletic, and then I gained weight and had no inclination towards moving my butt unless absolutely necessary. Today my girls and I walked to the park. My oldest daughter (4) asked, "Mommy, will you play with me? I want to play tag with you." First of all, it was kind of sweet to have her choose me to play with her out of all the other little kids running around. She usually is content with me watching idly by as she plays with the other kids. Secondly, I played. I ran around and played tag with my little girls. She then wanted to up the stakes: hide n' seek. I agreeably joined in on the idea. I grabbed up my youngest (1) and ran with her in my arms to different hiding places. I had fun. I loved my time this afternoon with my two precious little girls playing. I loved the fact that I could actually move without huffing and puffing or feeling pain and embarrassment. But, the kicker was what another mom said to her friend as I passed by. Her friend said, "Oh, that looks fun." The woman replied, "Yeah, but there is no way I would do that. I am way too out of shape."

    I used to be that woman. Not willing or really even completely able to freely play with my child because of that little thing (or big thing) called fat. It truly is amazing what a release of pounds will do for a person in not only the grand ways, but also including all the simple everyday aspects of life.

    Come Fly With Me
    by James Flynn