Monday, September 19, 2011

Gone tutu long :)


Boy, oh boy!  Where do I start? I have been gone for tutu long!  No I don't have a spelling problem just trying to make a play on words. :)  I got this awesome tutu in the mail not long ago and seriously people nothing like a tutu to make you feel like a ballerina.  This tutu is actually for my Queen of Hearts outfit for Halloween, but I just might wear it a lot- if I get up my confidence. :)  LOVE it!  Oh and the shoes are new too!  To die for!  Can't remember when I started loving things like shoes, but I do. 

Anyway, the last round I was on ended in disaster and complete failure for untold reasons.  Just not the greatest time to start a round and well I started again not long ago.  I am doing better, but still not up to my own caliber of dedication and determination.  I am going to make though.  I will try to update weekly.  But just wanted to check in and hope all are doing well!!!

Miss you all and remember "talk to yourself right!"  We can do this!