Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 13- ready, again!

weigh in: 176.8 lbs
gain of: 0.2 pounds

Total release to date: 13.4 pounds in 12 days

Thank you HCG gods!  I was so happy I only gained 0.2 pounds after a little afternoon break. :)  Seriously, guys every single round I think I am going to beat the odds and end up losing way more than pound a day, and every single time I am reminded that this really is not possible for me.  It always evens out and I end up losing an average of a pound a day or less (on previous rounds I have not done so well and had less to lose).  But, hey- why am I always surprised?  A pound a day is freakin' awesome and I will take it! :)  

And, you know what I am so glad I took yesterday afternoon, because I feel so ready again!  I didn't allow myself to struggle or feel badly and therefore I could take a little time, regroup and now feel ready to move on.  I have only had a gain of 0.6 pounds (yesterday and the day before) and that is great!  Besides my cramping and bleeding have subsided and I feel my body ready... I just can't fight it and be successful.  I am learning.  Each and every round I learn something. :)  

So, here I go back at it and ready for some losses again! 

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  1. Thats a great loss! You are right, always new discoveries waiting.