Thursday, February 24, 2011

Phase 3

weigh in:  165.4 lbs
no change...

Since there was no change I didn't dose this morning and tonight I will be able to add a little more protein and maybe a little cottage cheese?  Now... of course, if you are taking injectable form HCG you have to go 72 hours on VLCD after your last injection.  I have heard you can (and have done) only 48 hours VLCD without HCG when taking homeopathic form HCG.  I can't imagine going 72 hours honestly?  The departing HCG (and therefore cessation of fat stores calories being consumed) is definitely felt by me after 2 days and I start getting very hungry.  So, I take 48 hours on VLCD after last dose.  

I am both excited and nervous.  Maintenance is not easy or very tangible.  I have been looking for a more comprehensive guide, but it really does vary.  I really like the Maintenance link I have in my sidebar, but even that can be a little hazy.  So, I will do what I usually do and must do- just keep weighing and go from there.  Keep those steak, apple & cheese and egg days ready. :)  My monthly is coming up on Saturday- ugggh!  Just need to not get too discouraged during this first week because I will have the added TOM to contend with while trying to stabilize.     

Thank you so much for all of the advice and support!  I am happy with my decision.  I am getting there.  This summer I will be looking incredible and feeling great!!!!.... (oh, and did I mention both my husband and I have a little thing called class reunions coming up this summer!  His 20th and my 10th!!!  Crazy!)  Just a little incentive to finish my weight loss journey to the full extent- initial goal of 130 pounds (and then possibly lower if need be???)

So without further ado- bring it on Phase 3! :)   


  1. Wonderful! I am glad that you made your decision and are happy with it. Its nice to have a few weeks break where you can feel a little "normal!" I guess you and I will be back on P2 close to the same time again, will be fun to watch the ride!

  2. I am just a few days ahead of you on P3 for the first time. Its confusing, I agree. And TOM is always frustrating when you are trying to lose, or in this case stabilize. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us. :)

  3. So what do you do for your break? Do you do the three weeks P3 and six weeks P4? What is the 4 weeks you are talking about? I'm confused!