Wednesday, February 23, 2011


weigh in:  165.4 lbs
loss of:  0.8 pounds

Oh, boy!  I am so done!  Well, I think I am...  I didn't dose last night or this morning.  I will be coming up on 24 hours of being off of HCG this evening.  I am just not sure I want to go another 3 days and then another 2 on top of that???  I know by doing this I am giving up, but I have been pushing through this diet for 33 full DAYS!!!  I have lost a total of 25.8  pounds!!!  Almost 26 pounds in 33 days!  That is an average loss of 0.8 pound a day!  Pretty good...

I would love to get to 30 pounds lost, but you know... I am just feeling like I am done and the next 3 + 2 days could really just be a waste (and possibly disastrous and disappointing- trust me I know... have done this before)  if I push myself unnecessarily.  So, I am going to go pick up my daughter, continue to think about it and decide if I am going to dose before lunch or not.  So weigh in your thoughts (I guess I still technically have until tonight to decide one way or another too).    

Which ever way I decide I am going to take 4 weeks off on maintenance... an extra week in there, just because of my past experience.  I don't really want to start another round too soon.  I want to really get to a point where my weight is stable and then proceed.  I am also starting an exercise routine, which will feel great!  

Anyway, I will be back later and let you all know the verdict. :)  Thanks for your support and encouragement!!!  


  1. You know your body and yourself the best. I tried to go longer even though I knew I had a funeral to go to and between the stress and not being able to get food on protocol easily, I undid my last few days and I had to start P3 with a steak day. Ugh. If you think you can do it, go for it, but if you think you are going to stumble like I did, best to find a way around that.

  2. I agree with Sunny! YOU know your body and don't think of it as giving up! You have had a great loss for this round (AMAZING!!). My R2 was so blah that I feel like it was a waste because my mind really wasn't into it. Move onto P3 and you'll rock that! Congrats on such a great loss!! WOOHOO!

  3. I don't think you're giving up at all. AT all.

  4. If you lose, dose, if not, don't - atleast that worked for me! XOXOXXOXO

  5. You have done awesome and sometimes its like they say, you want to go out on top! Your losses have been great, you dont want to get to where you are struggling and end up cheating and then feeling bad or worse, gaining. For what its worth, Id take the win for what it is and then do your 4 weeks and then be ready to get back to it!