Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4- 15's

While I was soaking two nights ago and kind of getting bogged down on thoughts about how much I have to lose- it just kind of hit me.  Break it into smaller parts...

I am almost to the 15 pound loss mark and so I started thinking about it.  I really have just 4- 15's to lose (190 lbs to 130 lbs).  It doesn't seem as extreme as putting it in the context of 60 POUNDS TO LOSE!  So, I am going to start breaking my weight loss into 15 pound increments.  I will take pictures every 15 pounds lost and just go for each 15 pounds.  So, once I lose my first 15 I will put it behind me and look to the next 15 and the next.  I may get close to losing 3 of the 15's this round and then once I get down to 130 lbs I can just take it easy and if I lose another 5-15, so be it!

It will look like this:

1: 190-15 = 175 lbs
2: 175-15 = 160 lbs
3: 160-15 = 155 lbs
4: 155-15 = 130 lbs

So this is what is making sense in my mind and easier for me to grasp and accept.  I guess, it seems simpler and more manageable.  I like that I am not hung up on increments of 10 or getting into another 10 pound bracket.  I am not sure how it all will play out and if I will use this break down through my whole weight loss adventure, but I guess that is the key- don't be afraid to be flexible! :)

It is worth a shot!  What do you guys do to make weight loss seem not so insurmountable?  


  1. My goals have revolved around where I was previously. For example, I have lost 25 pounds now, which is what I gained over the last year of unhealthy eating and thyroid problems. My next goal is 30 pounds, which puts me where I was when I got married and where I was before my first pregnancy. The next is 45 pounds which is where I was before my last pregnancy. And so on.

  2. I think these smaller goals are great! If I just looked at the big picture...then I would be SOOO overwhelmed. So instead I am doing what Sunny is. First goal is wedding weight. Then 200 and then 180. When I hit 180, I will re-evaluate. I can't really see myself less than 180 (my weight in High School). Hubs thinks I could do 160...but we will see.

  3. I try to go for every 5 lbs. But then I have bigger goals...the first is 275, then 245, 215 and then will see from there. It's not easy though.:( Just trying to hang in there and not lose hope.