Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The night is always darkest before the dawn...

weigh in:  157.0 lbs
loss of: 1.6 pounds

Heading back down in the right direction.  This is going to take great will power I can already tell that.  I am so done, and yet I am not done at all.  I don't know why I have such a problem picking myself up sometimes?

I feel as though, I am running a race in which I lost my way that took me on a major detour.  Now my muscles are so tired with how far I have yet to go, it is now going to be all heart pushing me on.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I am going to crawl and claw, whatever I have to do to make my way to that finish line.  

We can do this!  I have been here before and know I can get through again.  Quitting is only an option when absolutely necessary, but just because it is a little hard right now is not an excuse for me.  

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  
The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
      -Thomas A. Edison

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

win some, lose some

weigh in:  158.6 lbs.
gain of: 2.6 pounds
total gain of: 3.6 pounds

Well, that didn't go so well.  Somehow this morning when I stepped on the scale I was hoping all would be magically forgiven and the scale god's would look on me with pity and give me a loss.  Wishful thinking, and completely delusional. lol! :)  

I am pretty sure my need for a break is over and I am done.  Sometimes for me I need to see such an increase to get it through my thick skull, if that makes sense?  We are on this road alone and can only do this for ourselves and ourselves alone.  How we do this thing is up to us, and don't let anyone tell you you are failing because of a waver in the wrong direction.  This diet is insanely difficult- anyone tries to tell you differently you can tell them to go fly a kite. :)  If you have the guts to stick to such a strict diet the pay off is incredible!  But it is most certainly not magic or easy and we have to work just as hard as anyone else in this battle against the bulge.  All I can say is I am not giving up!  Yes, I was beaten this morning and wish I could rewind to yesterday morning and tell my past self to buck up and quit while you're ahead.  But, even if this was possible I am almost certain I would not listen to my future self anyway.

Anyway, as the saying goes:  "You win some, you lose some."  And I think it is also said that in the losing rather than the winning more can be learned about oneself.  Here is to getting back to it and hitting my goal: 145!  145!  I can do it, I can do it!!!

Happy HCGing!             

Monday, April 25, 2011


weigh in:  156.o lbs
gain of: 1.o pound

Since I have not posted since I reached 155 you all are probably wondering what in the world is going on?! :)  (...was busy and my router was down, also.)  I remained at 155 until Saturday morning, the day we left for my Grandma's.  I just couldn't break 155 and it was driving me nuts.  So, I went to Easter with protocol meals in hand, fully knowing I would probably give in two seconds into the festivities.  And, boy did this happen.  There was so much yummy food I just said to myself, "Who gives a ____, and I am just going to enjoy myself and not worry about this stupid diet for awhile." (don't really think it is stupid, just trying to make my point :))

Surprisingly, this morning after not weighing yesterday morning I was at 156.  I was really able to keep myself pretty composed throughout the weekend and although I ate, I ate with a sort of control that I could live with. (Oh, and I dosed only on Saturday morning and that was it during the weekend- just thought other doses would be a waste.)  However, this is where Easter weekend and letting my diet go for a couple days gets a little hazy.  I have been eating all day long today, Monday.  Great!  I got by with only a pound gain and now here I am really trying to make the damage greater.  I am feeling quite sick right now and I hope it is out of my system so I can get back to my focus and goal:  Get to 145 for this round! 

Holidays can be a nightmare for dieters.  If you made it out unscathed, you should throw yourself a parade. lol!  I will throw you a parade and beg you for your secrets. :)

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful, lovely weekend and I am glad to be back.  Easter was so incredibly nice and I was so happy to spend it with my family.  Have I mentioned my Grandma is wonderful? lol!  Well, she is and I wish I could see her everyday.  

...I will be back tomorrow morning with the results of my unfortunate prolonged hiatus.

Oh, and just want to acknowledge my 100 FOLLOWERS!!!  Thank you all so much!  I never thought in a million years I would have 100 followers!  I remember getting excited when I had 10. :)  I know you really shouldn't judge the success of your blog based on number of followers, but I can't help but think that is pretty awesome. :)  Thanks again, and I hope to continue and share the love also.        

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I feel like dancin'!

P2 R2, VLCD Day 15

weigh in:  155.0 lbs
loss of:  2.0 pounds!!!

Total loss to date:  11.4 pounds!  Still pretty good in 14 completed VLCD Days!  
(including loading weight) 17.0 pounds! 

Doing a little happy dance this morning. :)  So, this time when my weight wouldn't budge it was a little more difficult to hold on, but I did it and here I am on the other side and it feels great!  

Seeing 155 on the scale today made me smile.  This is the weight I was when I went to my first doctor's appointment after I discovered I was pregnant with Paine.  I was wondering why I was gaining and having difficulty maintaining and it all was revealed. :)  I am so very happy I had the little guy, but rewind to the last time I weighed this and I was extremely anxious about the prospect of another baby.  Now I can't imagine life without him!

And I will leave you with the following photo, because I am in love with it.  What happiness!  Happy Hump Day to you all!   

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


weigh in: 157.0 lbs
gain of: 0.2 pound

Okay, I have been punished enough for my cheat, right?!  I am getting so frustrated and just want to move on down.  I have been sitting here around 157 since FRIDAY!!!  

I will never cheat again, I will never cheat again, I will never cheat again! :)

Hope you all are doing better than me!

(And in reference to post below... I just bought Wobenzym at my local health food store- I had originally bought it when my husband was experiencing tendinitis, which it also cleared up.  Or, you could probably find it online too if need be.)    

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wobenzym N

weigh in: 156.8 lbs

Well, there you have it- I got my comeuppance. :)  Got to move on and make the best out of this week!

I would also like to take a moment to describe a supplement that is saving my life!  Okay, a little dramatic, but seriously I haven't discussed it yet because I wanted to make sure it was working.  Friday evening I was in severe pain.  My back, hips and knees were killing me.  I had an awful tension headache that made me want to have my husband take me out back and put me out of my misery. ;)  This was due to the fact my whole back was in knots (at age 16 I went to the chiropractor a lot to help me get through for sports- he told me I had the back of a 40 year old.  Scares me to think what it is like now?)  

Anyway, I could hardly hold Paine and I tried stretching, rubbing and moving to release the pain.  Nothing was working.  I think all of this was due to not only stress but holding Paine for long periods of time on Thursday and Friday and carrying around that damnable car seat. (I really try to not use the thing except for in the car, but carrying it is unavoidable for certain times.)  I have been trying to use Yoga to help me, but the pain was so bad it hurt so much to perform simple stretches and it was pretty ineffective.  I was searching through my cupboard for some Tylenol (we were out) and then I ran across this: Wobenzym N   

I took some that night and have taken some all weekend.  It is freakin' AMAZING!  Just with one dose of 3 tablets I could sleep that Friday night.  It was that bad- lying on my side hurt my hips and kept me awake.  I was especially worried about my hips.  They were extremely sore just to the touch as if someone bashed them with a hammer repeatedly in the same spot.  This pain is almost gone.  Go here to read about this stuff!  It most definitely:

  • supports the body's natural inflammation response
  • increases flexibility and mobility
  • supports joint and tendon health
  • and, temporarily relief from aches, pains and muscle soreness due to everyday activity    

No one is paying me to say all these wonderful things about this product- just so you know.  This was really an accident and I am so very happy!  Tylenol is stupid for this kind of pain and now the "old granny" in me will not suffer anymore!  Yes!

Just wanted to share my jubilation of being pain free after feeling like I was going to die! :)  Love you guys!  Hope all are well!    

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Both Good and Bad.

P2 R2, VLCD Day 12

weigh in:  156.8 lbs
loss of:  0.6 pound

Total loss to date:  8.6 pounds
(including load weight) 15.4 pounds

You all are going to hate me right now.  I have no idea why I lost?  I gave in yesterday afternoon and ate glazed pecans, cream cheese on turkey (don't judge, I was being creative :)), Graham crackers.... And, then to top it all off a small delicious pancake (I have finally started trying to cook a little differently for my family and used whole wheat and stevia in the pancakes and they were AWESOME!-- even my husband thought so, which is crazy because he is weird and not that big of a fan of pancakes. :))  

And, I was just fine until about 2.  I even had this amazing lunch with chicken cooked in coconut oil and apples and mushrooms (not on protocol) added to the chicken with cinnamon and basil.  YUMMY!  But it just started to crumble and I was just done for that day.  I was bored and so I ate.  I however, worked hard in the yard, did some yoga (felt wonderful, btw!) and drank some Super Dieter's Tea, took an epson salt bath and I guess that provided for a loss?  I don't know.  All I know is weekends can be very, very bad for a dieter of any kind.  I hope I don't have any repercussions tomorrow, but if I do- well I need to take it like a woman, because it was my choice to cheat.     

Anyway, I am still staring at my pictures in awe that I am so very close to being back to pre-baby weight!  I can't even believe those before pictures were me??!  I mean I was out walking around like that! lol!  It is surreal (and probably the reason I cheated- I do that, my mind needs a chance to catch up with my weight loss).  For some reason I had it in my head I would never get back, it was too far.  But here I am in real no time at all, on the verge- 10 pounds away.  But this time another pregnancy is not in the works.  The work I started  in 2009 was interrupted and so, now is the time even though I will get back to pre-baby weight another round is in my near future.  130 is my goal.  Getting closer and closer everyday.  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pictures, finally!

P2 R2, VLCD Day 11

weigh in:  157.4 lbs
loss of:  0.8 pound

Total loss to date:  8.0 pounds from lowest weight achieved during R1
14.8 pounds loss including load weight for R2

So Happy I lost today!  I have to admit.... like I have said in past posts:  baking+HCG diet= potentially disastrous!  Yesterday, I made these absolutely, delicious, scrumptious brownies.... and I ate 3. :(  This round I have been abnormally resolved, but yesterday those brownies were undeniable!  I could have totally ate half the pan or maybe more, but I am so glad I resisted after 3, bagged them up and took them to the people I made them for.  

And, finally here are some pictures alongside my initial (just slightly mortifying :)) before pictures.  

157.4 pounds- April 16, 2011 (sorry no makeup- but they were not going to get done if I waited to "doll-up" :)  ... and too lazy to set up the tripod so here are some mirror shots.)

190.2 pounds- January 21, 20011

This is so awesome!  I am so happy for how far I have come in 1 1/2 short rounds and one maintenance period!  Yep, definitely not starving- HCG rocks!!! :)  

Friday, April 15, 2011

And there you have it!

P2 R2, VLCD Day 10
weigh in:  158.2 lbs
loss of:  1.2 pound

Total loss to date:  (from lowest weight achieved during R1) 7.2 pounds
(from R2 starting weight) 8.2 pounds
(including R2 loading weight) 14 pounds!

...and just like that the stall has broken!  So, glad this round I was able to accept the stall for what it was and have some patience (not something I typically am so great at). :)  It was really neat.  Last night I really experienced that release of water described in the post below.  I peed all night long, seriously. lol!  When your body finally decides to dump that water which replaced the fat the HCG displaced, well that is it- back to losing!  

Now onto some good losses until Easter.  I have a feeling it is going to be hard to stay true to protocol. :(  I am so excited to go to my Grandma's for Easter, but it is going to be difficult in the area of dieting.  This will be the first holiday we will have spent with any of my side of the family in 7 YEARS!  Usually, we have gone to my husband's family home, because of the whole situation with my parents.  (I have written about this in the past.)  It is going to be great to enjoy family and children!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Hope stalls are broken and/or good losses continue for you all!  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still Stalled

P2 R2, VLCD Day 9

weigh in:  159.4 lbs
gain of: 0.2 pound (Yes, I still consider a 0.2 gain after 2-3 days of no losses and or miniscule  losses a stall- since I didn't commit any dietary errors.  Whether this is acceptable or not, I am not sure.)

After 5 rounds of HCG I am finally "getting used" to stalls.  They don't upset me like they used to or set me into a tailspin of thinking, "Oh my gosh, what have I done wrong?"  I mean, I still think about possible places of faulty dieting or a chance when something touched my skin that could affect weight loss, but I don't panic anymore.   

So, for those of you who are going to be new to this diet- if you can learn from us "veteran" HCGer's and not take stalls too seriously you will save yourself a lot of grief.  Even though I have read the following a million times it is still easy to forget, but the science makes perfect sense:  

"After the fourth or fifth day of dieting the daily loss of weight begins to decrease to one pound or somewhat less per day, and there is a smaller urinary output. Men often continue to lose regularly at that rate, but women are more irregular in spite of faultless dieting. There may be no drop at all for two or three days and then a sudden loss which reestablishes the normal average. These fluctuations are entirely due to variations in the retention and elimination of water, which are more marked in women than in men.
The weight registered by the scale is determined by two processes not necessarily synchronized under the influence of HCG. Fat is being extracted from the cells, in which it is stored in the fatty tissue. When these cells are empty and therefore serve no purpose, the body breaks down the cellular structure and absorbs it, but breaking up of useless cells, connective tissue, blood vessels, etc., may lag behind the process of fat-extraction. When this happens the body appears to replace some of the extracted fat with water which is retained for this purpose. As water is heavier than fat the scales may show no loss of weight, although sufficient fat has actually been consumed to make up for the deficit in the 500-Calorie diet. When such tissue is finally broken down, the water is liberated and there is a sudden flood of urine and a marked loss of weight. This simple interpretation of what is really an extremely complex mechanism is the one we give those patients who want to know why it is that on certain days they do not lose, though they have committed no dietary error." (Dr. Simeons' Manuscript, 24)
 In addition, here is the description of "a plateau" and "apple day."  

"A plateau lasts 4-6 days and frequently occurs during the second half of a full course, particularly in patients that have been doing well and whose overall average of nearly a pound per effective injection has been maintained. Those who are losing more than the average all have a plateau sooner or later. A plateau always corrects, itself, but many patients who have become accustomed to a regular daily loss get unnecessarily worried. No amount of explanation convinces them that a plateau does not mean that they are no longer responding normally to treatment.
In such cases we consider it permissible, for purely psychological reasons, to break up the plateau. This can be done in two ways. One is a so-called “apple day”. An apple-day begins at lunch and continues until just before lunch of the following day. The patients are given six large apples and are told to eat one whenever they feel the desire though six apples is the maximum allowed. During an apple-day no other food or liquids except plain water are allowed and of water they may only drink just enough to quench an uncomfortable thirst if eating an apple still leaves them thirsty. Most patients feel no need for water and are quite happy with their six apples. Needless to say, an apple-day may never be given on the day on which there is no injection. The apple-day produces a gratifying loss of weight on the following day, chiefly due to the elimination of water. This water is not regained when the patients resume their normal 500-calorie diet at lunch, and on the following days they continue to lose weight satisfactorily." (Dr. Simeons' Manuscript, 24-25)
Typically, my opinion of an apple day is that it is just that "permissable, for purely psychological reasons."  I have done an apple day successfully only a couple times before. It just seems so difficult to only eat 6 apples from noon one day to noon the next.  Also, a plateau is going to break when it is going to break and a 4-6 day plateau is nothing compared to how  long plateaus can last losing weight the old fashioned way.  

So, anyway I think I am just going to continue sticking to protocol rather than put myself through an apple day.  I just feel an apple day is too risky for me- I usually end up cheating when I try this approach and that is just not worth it...  Anyway, I hope this helps out those who need a little real life application in conjunction with the manuscript!

Happy HCGing!
(still haven't taken pictures... I am not sure when I will get to it- these last two days of the week are looking to be a little crazy!  I will get them taken sooner than later, though!  I can't wait to see the difference in photo form!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It all evens out in the wash

P2 R2, VLCD Day 8
weigh in:  159.2 lbs
loss of: 0.0 

Total loss to date:  (from lowest weight) 6.2 pounds in 7 completed VLCD Days- still pretty good...
(from start of R2) 7.2 pounds
(including load weight) 12.8 pounds in 9 days (including load days)

It all evens out in the wash.  This is so true!  Yes, I come flying out of the gates early on, but one can only lose so much in a certain amount of time.  So here I am hitting a stall (I think just a natural stall and also because I have been sick) and so I like to remind myself of how much I have lost in how many days.  This will break, I need to trust that even though every time a stall happens I am disappointed. :) 

Anyway, I feel much better today.  I did end up increasing my Vitamin C yesterday (didn't have any zinc) and it cleared up my ear, which is awesome because I can live with a stuffed up head for a little while.  Those earaches are the worst, though.  

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!  I haven't had the energy or time to take pictures yet, but will soon.  I am still basically 160 pounds- so hopefully I can get them done today.

Hope you all are well!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sick :(

P2 R2, VLCD Day 7
weigh in:  159.2 lbs
loss of: 0.6 pound

Total loss to date: (from lowest weigh) 6.2 pounds

Oh man, I am so sick of being sick!  I can't afford this right now- so much to do!!!  If you all remember, I was really sick with the flu the week before I started HCG and now I have come down with a terrible head cold.  My ears are being affected, too which completely sucks!  It has just rushed on me so quickly.  Yesterday afternoon I started not feeling so great and then this morning it is full blown. :( 

Also, I was afraid my oldest daughter was falling ill to a stomach bug yesterday, but she seems to be okay.  Must have been something she ate?  My other two seem to have a little cold, but nothing too bad.  I  just hope they all stay well!

I don't know what it is- either just the time of year.  There does seem to be lots of sickness going around...  or, if being on HCG makes me a little more vulnerable?  I have heard this, and then when your immune system is fighting a cold it can't lose as much weight.... hence the slow in weight loss today.  Taking a couple doses of DayQuil to just get through doesn't help either.  I am just glad it was a loss regardless.  I was on a roll- hope this doesn't "rain on my parade" for too long. :) 

Well, I am off- got to go lay down while the baby is taking a little snooze...
Stay well, be well and do well! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

YES, I did it!!!

P2 R2,  VLCD Day 6
weigh in:  159.8 lbs
loss of:  2.2 pounds

Total loss to date:  (from lowest weight R1) 5.6 pounds
(from starting weight R2) 6.6 pounds
(including load weight) 12.2 pounds

HALFWAY MARK!!!  I have lost 30 POUNDS since JANUARY 21, 2011!!!  Only 15 pounds away from my lowest weight ever!!!  2, 15's down!  2 more to go to reach initial goal of 130 pounds!  

I am beyond thrilled!  I didn't think I would break that elusive 160 mark for another 2 or 3 days.  However, although R2 started out miserably this round is actually proving much more easier for one huge reason I can determine.  My first round (fourth round or whatever you want to call it) was started after many months of being pregnant and then nursing.  And, man oh man did I eat what I wanted.  My body was used to LOTS of food.  I have never counted calories in my life, but all I know is I ate a lot.  It was really difficult to just cut that off to 500 calories a day and I struggled for 33 days during R1.  Water intake was another difficulty.  I drink good amounts of water usually, but not like what you have to on protocol.

So, this round not only am I used to protocol again, but I went through 5+ weeks of maintenance eating quite reasonably and healthy in comparison.  I guess R2 hasn't been as much of a shock as R1.

However, I have only completed 5 days of VLCD.  Anything can happen in the next 16 or so days.  I feel like I can do this and I mean business! :)  

Happy 1st Day of the Week!  Hope this week kicks some butt and takes some names! :)

I will take my 160 pound pictures and post later...  I can't believe where I was just the beginning of the year and now here I am on the downhill slope.  It can get kind of slippery though, need to keep my head and take it one day and one choice at a time.   

(PS- I replied to comments below again on the post not on your page... I know I said I was going to be better about it, but it is just easier- sorry guys!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


P2 R2, VLCD Day 5
weigh in:  162.0 lbs
loss of:  0 pounds

Darn, I completely jinxed myself! :)  Self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps?  Last night I made this delicious creamy basil-sundried tomato Parmesan Chicken and Pasta Macaroni Grill recipe (wow, that's a mouthful- no pun intended :)) for my family and I just couldn't help myself.  I had some of the chicken and a tiny bit of the noodles.  That did it!

But, fine no big deal.  Can't be perfect everyday on this diet- just have to be pretty darn close. lol!

Anyway, I would just like to take this opportunity to pass on a couple new blogs that I think worthy of a look and/or support!

The first is, For The LOVE of Me.  She is new to HCG after working hard to lose lots of weight the good ol' fashioned way.  She would love encouragement from us HCGer's, I am sure!  Way to go, so far and keep up the great work!

The second is, Nature's Conspiracy"Nature has a conspiracy. It conspires to feed, clothe, house and heal us and itself, despite mankind's best attempts to thwart it."  Karyn you are amazing and I love this blog!  You offer so much good and helpful information.  Check it out, because although losing weight is wonderful, being healthy and living healthily and conscientiously can be an incredible goal too!

Happy rest of your weekend to you all!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I bet you can guess...

weigh in: ???
P2 R2, VLCD Day 4
Yep, you guessed it!  162.0 lbs

loss of:  1 pound
Total loss to date: (from lowest weight) 3.4 pounds
(from R2 starting weigh) 4.4 pounds
(including load weight) 10 pounds! (wow!  already hit 10 pounds lost from load weight in 6 days- that has got to be a personal record for me?  Will have to check...) 

I can't believe this?!  So once again an even pound weight! It really has been losses of 4, 3, 2, 1.  Hopefully, tomorrow doesn't register 0!  Anyway, I was starting to wonder about my scale- so I had my girls step on the scale today.  They both had weights with .something?  So I don't know?  I guess this round of HCG is wanting to make subtraction especially easy. :)

And, ladies and one guy thanks for all the comments!  Karyn- I am not sure if it Anthropoligie or not?  I saw the image on another blog and it wasn't labeled.  But I absolutely LOVE that store, too!  I am just a window shopper though, hope to change that someday. ;)  And since you mentioned the store I went online to check it out.  I found this swimming suit from Anthropoligie that I think is so neat!  It is a vintage cut, and although I would love to wear a bikini (but not that desirable due to baby battle scars), I do love the more modest vintage cuts! 

And helderheid- I think you have a fabulous idea... wouldn't it be great to all get together and go shopping too?  Since we have all been supporting each other on this HCG journey together in a sense.  We can always dream. :)  

And, just because I am on a kick right now here is another lovely, simple dress.  I think I would add turquoise jewelry and/or a yellow heel? :)

  Oh, happy days of shopping!

Friday, April 8, 2011

In love...

Garden daydream
...with this outfit!.  I ADORE the hat and the dress!  I am starting to dream about dressing my new slender body for summer.  This will be the first summer in FOR-E-VER, I will be slim.  I got pregnant shortly after losing a ton of weight for the first time and so last summer was spent being pregnant.  I didn't get to enjoy the much anticipated new summer garb I was so looking forward to.  That summer would have been the first summer season I would have experienced at a smaller size after HCG.  I am so excited for this summer, warmer weather and sun dresses!

Enjoy the sunshine!

P2 R2, VLCD Day 3, 163.0

weigh in:  163.o lbs
loss of:  2.0 pounds

Total loss to date: (from lowest weight) 2.4 pounds
(from R2 starting point) 3.4 pounds
(including loading day weight) 9.0 pounds

Another big loss!  4, 3, 2...  Hopefully tomorrow will bring a good loss, too- but we all know early VLCD does not last forever. :)  It is strange that I have been dropping in whole numbers to date, also.  172.0, 168.0, 165.0, 163.0  Interesting.  Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! :)  

I am off to read all of your blogs!  Didn't get a chance yesterday- and also want to thank you ladies for the comments yesterday.  Thank you so much for the support!  Hope you all are well!  Until tomorrow...    

Thursday, April 7, 2011

P2 R2, VLCD Day 2, 165.0

weigh in:  165.0 lbs
loss of: 3 pounds!

Total loss to date 7 pounds in 2 VLCD days!  This is nuts!  I completely did not expect this loss!  I weighed 4 times!  All four times registered:  165.0

I decided I should become a little more technical with what is going on.  I like to just put the day and call it good, but I have been thinking I am not going to count all my load weight this time.  I am going to just start from my lowest weight and go from there:  165.4 lbs.

So, technically I am down 0.4 pounds from my lowest weight ever for this wave of HCG rounds after Paine.... and down 1.4 lbs from my starting point for R2. 

This is going to sound insane, but I seriously am already in dislike of R2.  Yesterday, was so hard even though it was only Day 2!  Round 2 once again is proving difficult in the mental resolve area.  I think it is because P3 and then P4 are so easy going and even enjoyable- if you are stabilized.

However, this morning with a 3 pound loss,  well of course I feel better about the whole situation- for now. :)  I have got to hold on for 23 days if I want to come close to my goal of 145.  20 more pounds, that is all and yet it seems so far away. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 4, Round 2

weigh in:  168.0 lbs
loss of: 4.0 pounds

Making my way back down.  I am feeling a lot better today also.  

I got to run, but will try to post something later on.

Happy HCGing!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 3, Round 2

weigh in:  172.0 lbs
gain of: 4.0 POUNDS!!!

As I stepped off the scale this morning I said, "No wonder I feel like crap!"  

Load weight equals: 5.6 pounds!

This is one of the best loads I have done.  I know I gained more on one of my other rounds, but I am too lazy and feel too sick to go back and look.  This is the first round where one of my detox symptoms so far is nausea. :(  I also have a massive headache and just feel not so great, but at least now my stomach is not packed full anymore.  This morning I drank 2 liters of water with lemon in it to aid in detox, Super Dieter's Tea, coffee and I took an epson salt bath. 
I had a question from a new follower.  Thanks, by the way!!!  I am so excited to start following your blog too, and I will get an email off to you ASAP.  Anyway, what did I eat during load?  basically anything I wanted and would miss in the next days.  I ate a huge, completely cheesy omelet, homemade cookies, brownies, chocolate Easter candy, raisin bread with butter slathered all over, chips, enchiladas, lasagna, glazed pecans, yogurt covered raisins, licorice, bananas and blueberries (I miss these fruits a ton during VLCD), juices, milk, bacon... Oh man I am getting nauseous just typing all this. :)  So just eat, eat and eat.  Got to get all that abnormal fat ready for mobilization! :) 

It is interesting how HCG has changed me in regard to some of these trigger foods.  Long ago, before HCG I could eat a whole bag of cookies in one sitting without even really thinking about it or even consciously meaning to do so.  The cookies would just be gone before I knew it and sure I would feel full, but not actually sick like I do now.  Of all the listed things above about the only thing I did force all of it down was the omelet.  Everything else I ate a little bit here and there and didn't finish any of the listed items until gone.

Anyway, I am off to go lay down and hope this headache subsides soon.  The load weight will be a distant memory soon enough!

Take care my friends!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 2, Round 2

weigh in:  168.0 lbs.
gain of:  1.6 pounds

Wow!  I completely expected to weigh 190 pounds again this morning.  I feel SOOOO fat and bloated!:)  What is it about you want what you can't have?  By this I mean, during loading when you "can" eat anything and everything you want- you don't want to and it can be so difficult.  And then, when you are "forbidden" to eat basically all food except a select few you start desiring the ones you could barely eat in the beginning? :)  Crazy!?

Seriously, I sat at the table with this insane spread and felt so sick after eating hardly anything, relatively.  I  am used to eating "reasonably" ie. smaller portions, relatively better food, and definitely not very much sugar and carbs.  Oh man, one more day of this and then I can start the process of detoxing all this crap and fat of course!  I just wish I could hold onto this feeling through VLCD.  The feeling of: "I am so full and feel so gross.  I never want to feel this way again!"  I mean I am all itchy (dairy and sugar are evil for my skin).  My skin is broken out, my body feels stiff and I feel sluggish. :(  Ack!  Please, remember this awfulness and when you get it in your head you just need something terrible to eat on VLCD- DON'T do it! 

I am almost certain no amount of begging my brain to get a clue is going to work, but I will try to come back to this post in the future when I feel my resolve wavering. 

Final load day, here I come!     

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 1, Round 2 (or, Round 5...)

...depends on how you look at it.  I am splitting up my HCG experience with BP (Before Paine) and AP (After Paine).  3 Rounds BP, and now I am on the 2nd Round AP.  Just in case newcomers were wondering.  

weigh in: 166.4 lbs
above lowest weight by 1 pound!

Yes, I know I am a pound above my lowest weight, but you know what this is the best I have ever done on maintenance!  And, I am so very happy and proud of myself!  

As I write this I have my first dose of Round 2 under my tongue.  (I would have started yesterday, but was still feeling sick and thought I would wait one more day.  Still feeling the residual affects of being really sick, but got to get going.)  Let the loading begin!  I have to go get some food, and it is snowing!  Spring!  Where are you???  Oh, right I forgot where I live.  Summer only lasts 2 months out of the year here- jk, but not too far off. :)

What to eat for my "last supper," in essence?  I really don't have anything specific on the list except chocolate and cookies!  Those two things I know I will miss like crazy during VLCD so basically I am going to try and make myself so sick of them I won't want to see a cookie or piece of chocolate for 23 days. :)  

I fully expect to gain a lot this load period and that is okay.  I am scared to see 170 something again, but who cares?!  It will be gone within a couple days anyway. 

My goal for this round is to reach 145 pounds!!!  Pre-baby body here I come!  Oh man!  I can't wait!  However, I would absolutely love to say I will have great resolve and be able to continue long past 23 days to reach 140.... but I am not delusional either. :)  I know how those final days of VLCD can be, and maintaining focus and determination can be quite difficult for me.        

So, here is to a great second round!  And, wishing you all well too!
Until tomorrow!  Happy force feeding. :)  (non-HCGer's must think us nuts, but it works!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I have gained a ton!

weigh in:  174.0 pounds!!!

Yep, I have gained 9 pounds since I have last posted!!!  How is that possible?!  Well,  perhaps some of you were thinking in regard to the last post- well don't eat Oreos, idiot! :)  That could explain a lot.

NO!  Hahaha!  Gottcha!  Happy April Fools' Day!

The real weigh in:  166.0 pounds
0.6 above lowest weight...  I have been sick with the flu, but this morning woke and felt better- so happy!  I have also gone a little widget happy on my other blog.  I can't wait to get some time to revamp this blog.  There are some really great tools out there!  Fun, fun! :)

Anyway, planning on starting another round tomorrow!!!!  Honestly, I am excited and not so excited about it.  I will miss the flexibility and stability of P3, but welcome this phase of the process at a lower (hopefully, pre-baby) weight!  So, I will be updating again frequently!  Taking today to get in the mind frame.

Love you guys!  Hope you all are well!