Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fit For 2

Tonight I went to my first Fit For 2 class. Now, don't ask me to bend down and pick something up. My inner thighs are still burning! Will be doing a lot of toning in that area getting ready for the big day. :)

I can't tell you how excited I am to be going to this class. It is so nice to be around other pregnant women of all different sizes and trimesters. It is twice a week (one night is dedicated to Yoga and Pilates and the other to strength training). I wanted to attend during my pregnancy with my second, but somehow never coordinated and demanded that time for myself. I just feel like I need this desperately right now. I need the motivation. I need the time outside of the house. I need the time away from my girls. I need the time around other people. I have been going just a little insane. :)

On another topic... recently, I found out (in the newspaper, might I add) that my midwife is leaving in October! I was so emotional about this I uncontrollably sobbed and sobbed for what seemed forever. I wish she would have told me herself, but I guess whatever. Anyway, more importantly she delivered both of my first babies and she is so important to me because I don't have my mom. I delivered on pitocin without an epidural, and that is no small feat. I can't do that with just a regular doctor who comes in at the end. I need some woman who can help me through it, and my midwife was that person.

I hate my mother for not being there for me and the births of my children. And, yes hate is a strong, terrible word but I mean it. For what a crappy mother she has been to me the last 7 years she was a great mom and would have been perfect with helping me in delivery. You know how a good mother usually knows exactly how to comfort and calm you, well I will never deny her that. But a lot of good it does me now.

However, I am pretty well over all the shock and helpless feelings of losing my midwife, and now am moving forward. This baby is coming whether I have my midwife, mother or not and I need to accept that and move on. I guess they are replacing my midwife with another and I hope to meet her on the 3rd to see if I like her and can see her being there during my labor and delivery. I am also keeping another possibility in the back of my mind and that would be to have my Grandma or Aunt with me. We will see, I would rather not ask that of them, but I know they would be there for me if I really needed them.

Right now, though I am enjoying trying to prepare my mind and body for what I have to do and exercise is a beautiful thing. I really hope someday to become basically addicted to exercise. I need it, everyone needs it. :) I hope you all are doing well and I will be in touch...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award! If, versatile is a nice way of putting "easily distracted," then that is me! :) Thank you so much, lavenderdiva for this great award! I really appreciate it, especially since I have been a mediocre blogger at best lately. I think so much of you and your journey as I have come to know you through the blogging medium. So, this award coming from you means so much!

I will update at a later time "7 things about me" and a list of other bloggers I would like to pass this award on to.

I am doing pretty well so far. Honestly, I just don't know how women do it... stay relatively small during pregnancy. I am getting bigger and bigger by the minute and I still have 4 months left! Yikes! I am really missing slim legs and arms. Oh, and I was stretching in the mirror last night and oh my word my behind is getting ginormous! If I could just keep my blossoming bosom and leave the rest that would be wonderful. :) But, this is how it is. I am just so happy I know what to do after it is all said and done!!! The knowledge of HCG keeps my sanity. I will be one hot mama again soon enough. :) Hope all is well and if you see me on the street try not to stare in shock at my hugeness. haha!

Rain is falling tonight... a good night's rest is sure to be in store!

PS: I know these polka-dots are kind of annoying... will change background soon. I just can't find one I really like. I am difficult to please apparently. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's a...


He looked great and healthy on the sonogram! :) Only 19 or so weeks to go and he will be here!

Now, what am I going to do with a little boy. haha! :) I am sure it will all come, but with two little girls I have been in the pink zone for awhile...

Talk to you all later.

Today is the day!

Going in for the sonogram this afternoon! Very excited! :) I always love this part, however it signifies I am over the hump and on my way down the slippery slope to extreme pain... thinking I might get an epidural this time (way too much anxiety about labor this time).

But, then the little bundle is here and it is something wonderful- even including sleep deprivation, diapers, bottles (hopefully nursing this time *cross fingers*), saggy belly, emotional ups and downs, looking like hell, etc... you know, the usual. :)

On a different note, hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Tomorrow is my birthday, too! The big 27. I will update later on the results of the sonogram... until then.