Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mainly positives...

This pregnancy has really made a turn for the better. I can't believe I ever felt so terribly in the early weeks, but for now I am really feeling quite good! Here are the positives:
  • Thank you, sweet summer of Laramie for being so mild! The temperatures have stayed in the upper 60's to lower 70's... and only a couple days that the mercury reached into the 80's! I have not swelled or been too uncomfortable at all because of the heat! Very nice!
  • The following three products I have been taking religiously for the past couple months (the prenatal I have been taking all along). No one ever told me about the importance of DHA and omegas and they are so wonderful! It has improved my hair, nails and skin... but the greatest benefit is how it has helped my mood and spirits. I just needed some good natural oils... wow! :) And the pro-biotic have stabilized all the digestive bacteria, etc...

Just further mention of my the condition of my hair. If you remember from previous posts I lost a lot of hair during my last round of HCG late last year and it just became dry and lackluster. Now my hair is growing back and in good condition! Yay! The following is not such a great picture, but it is my natural color and it is getting long! Thanks once again to the omegas!

Here is a the promised belly shot. I feel so much larger than this picture! :) This is the one negative I am experiencing at the time being (along with having bouts of tiredness): feeling huge with a cumbersome load! This makes for uncomfortable nights. I pee all the time and can't seem to fit enough pillows around my body. Night time is not especially restful. But, this is to be expected and nothing I haven't been through before. :)

I met with my midwife again yesterday, and this second meeting made me really feel like I am making the right choices so far. I LOVE her! She is so attentive, compassionate and conscientious. I can talk about ANYTHING with her. I feel so comfortable... like she has extreme care for my whole pregnancy picture. I almost feel sad that this will be our last baby... okay not really. :) I am done, but I just feel so fortunate to feel like this pregnancy is going in a completely different direction for me, my family and expectant baby.

So overall, mainly positives as I enter this third trimester. :) I will update further as news presents itself....

Hope all is well with you all! Until next time!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

28 weeks

Above is a picture of me (28 weeks pregnant :) I need to turn to the side or something, because it looks like I don't have a waist and have puffed up rather than pregnant... haha!) with some examples of my artwork at this past weekend's Evening at the Ivinsons'. We have been attending the event along with my husband's parents for the past four years. It is a wonderful fundraiser evening dedicated to keeping our local, beautiful Ivinson Mansion running and upgraded. I donated my artwork the past two years, and was very pleased with the outcome this year: 2 drawings for $400 each! The two bidders both want a drawing of their place of business. I am excited to try something a little different other than my usual residence drawings.

Can't believe I am already 28 weeks along! Everything is going along smoothly so far. I am almost done getting the bedrooms organized and everything situated for the new addition. Just some final touches and it will all be ready! I am very happy about that. :) I will share pictures once completed...

Today I meet with my doula!!! The meeting with my midwife went very well and it is just a breath of fresh air meeting with highly trained women who take a whole hour or more just for you to discuss and prepare for a significant event. I am not just a blood pressure number and a number on a scale anymore and I love it! :)

Hope you all are doing well and happy HCGing! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthing From Within

This is the book that has changed everything for me in regard to pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother: Birthing From Within by Pam England & Rob Horowitz. A must read for anyone wanting to have a baby or pregnant now!

Let me backtrack briefly... I met with my old midwife earlier this month and it was an awkward and slightly annoying debacle. I had to bring up the issue of her leaving and I really don't think she was even going to address the fact??? Why I have no idea? Regardless, she gave me a card with contact information to a local Certified Labor Doula. This is how a whole reworking and rethinking of the situation began, which led me to read the aforementioned book. I also contacted a certified midwife in Colorado and tomorrow I am meeting her! I am so very excited!

At this point, I have a new, fresh outlook on my current situation. Pregnancy for me has always been a waiting period, ONLY such and such more weeks to go, or I can't wait to be done... etc. All of the sudden I am enjoying the process, relishing the time, contemplating my baby boy and appreciating my body. It is incredible and so empowering to allow myself to see the work and capability of my body as something to be honored and respected rather than, "Well, it will get a baby out..." I am on a journey of self-discovery and I feel like I don't have enough time now. :) How ironic! Never thought I would ever say that in a third trimester of pregnancy! :) :)

I know this is all a little elusive, but I will continue to post as it all comes more into focus for me too. I just wanted to share that no longer am I dreading labor, or pessimistically walking around waiting to get this baby out. I am stretching consciously. I am eating consciously. I am drinking tea consciously. I am taking supplements consciously. I am making art consciously. I am enjoying my girls consciously. I am in the moment for now and it has never felt better.

"Through soul-searching
and listening more deeply
to the women I was working with,
I finally understood that women
have to prepare for birth
in their heart and soul,
not their head.
And that giving birth is something a woman does
in her body,
not in her head."

-Pam England, CNM, MA

Monday, August 9, 2010

Unwrap a Smile!

First ever craving! I never had any cravings with my girls and didn't really expect one, but all of the sudden during a nap today I had an overwhelming craving for Oatmeal Creme Pies! I can't remember the last time I had one of the Little Debbie snacks. My husband was good enough to run out and get me a box. Oh, so yummy! :) Hopefully, it doesn't become too much of a steady need- not so healthy. ;)

I also found a recipe to make the cookie at home. Interesting. :) Maybe I might try it out...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To circumcise, or not to circumcise...

...that is the question. Or, in all actuality the question should be: To leave my son intact, or cut him... cut almost 1/3 or more of his perfectly functioning penis off. When you put it that way there is a whole different spin. There is NO question in my mind anymore after much research.

I never really thought about circumcision until I started questioning what would my decision be if I was asked right here and now. And, then I found out I was having a boy and my intensity of research increased. I was slightly alarmed that I would base my decision prior to knowing anything about circumcision just on the mere fact that the image of the "normal" penis was the cut one in my mind. Why? Why is this "normal"? Why do we cut males? What is foreskin? Is it really that unsanitary? Well, to my shock as I kept reading and reading I became more and more furious at the misleading and downright incorrect information we have all been fed in regard to our sons penises.

I would like to share the following articles with all those who may be interested:

A baby could die from circumcision and it is more common than you think!
Baby Dies from Circumcision in South Dakota

The foreskin serves a purpose! Imagine that?! Furthermore, circumcision really gained popularity because of its claim to minimize masturbation. Once again a religious backed fear of sexuality.
The Case Against Circumcision

Circumcision impacts women...
How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life

The Sexual Effects of Circumcision

And, if you're still not convinced than take a look at these articles that actually debunk the whole religious case for circumcision.
Biblical Circumcision Information

Circumcision and Christianity

The Book of Mormon on Circumcision

These are all incredibly researched and well-cited articles. It makes me so sad and disgusted for what we as adults feel the need to do to our baby boys. We do this with no care for the rights of a tiny baby welcomed into the world and then mutilated without his obvious consent... because that is what is done, or that is the "norm," or it is easier to clean!!!

I am merely writing this post to express my rethinking on the subject and a certain outrage to the majority for which I probably would have followed not too many years ago. I think this subject along with so many others is a chance for us as humans to progress... go against currents that are proven no longer viable or necessary but actually harmful.