Sunday, February 20, 2011


weigh in:  165.8 lbs
loss of:  1.6 pounds!!!!!!!!

YES!  I was totally freakin' happy to see this!!!!  I weighed myself 3 times.  Well, I usually do anyway, but this time it was out of excitement, "Oh this can't be real- let me see it again!"  And, sure enough that number popped up 3 times!   

I have come a long way in 30 some days!  I feel better this morning- my stomach is still not feeling "normal" (and thanks Autumn Rose- I think you are right :)) and my head is stuffed up- but who cares!!!  I lost 1.6 pounds!  I was on track before, but now I am a little ahead.  I ate cleanly, of course- drank more tea yesterday than I usually do and took a detox bath that felt wonderful!  I can do this!  6 more days counting today and then I am on to maintenance and stabilizing!!!!  Can't wait!  Sure a lot of exclamation points in this post!

Got to ride those highs! :)  Oh, and I have taken a million laughing videos of little Paine and it is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it!  He just busts out with uncontrollable giggles.  It is not only contagious, but I think a little therapeutic. :)  Oh, I love him!  I will have to share one here too, since I am sharing them everywhere else.  

I am just all giddy!  However, I can't let it go to my head- have to keep buckled down and do the best I can for the next 6 days.  I am going to make it to my half way mark- I believe I can!  
Happy HCGing!      


  1. wow caitlin! way to go!!!! also, i caught the video on facebook and had to watch it twice it was so cute! i think it MUST be contagious cause my boys (including drake) were absolutely cracking up while watching :)

  2. Go! Go! Go! You can make your goal!

    Please share a video of your little guy!