Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Women lie...

Don't worry I will explain. :) Just had the following thoughts running through my mind yesterday and thought I would write them down before I got distracted. I think it is interesting and amusing!

...Women tend to lie about the little details of their bodies. Am I wrong? We fudge the numbers a bit. We lie about our age, height and most definitely our weight! I did! I always added an 1-1/2" to my height and deducted about 10 to 12 pounds from my weight when asked- before HCG.

Apparently, women DO NOT lie while shouting their HCG story from the blog mountain top. :) We tell all. We state matter of factually, exactly what the scale says, how old we are, how tall we are, what kind of bowel movements we have had and I have even seen some share their new sexual experiences as they decrease in weight. We outline almost every little detail about ourselves and our transformation. I say, this is AWESOME! It feels good not to lie. I am not afraid to tell anyone what I really weigh, now. It feels good to share what seems insignificant and perhaps slightly embarrassing, but could be of great help to someone else who is trying to lose weight just as you are. I think being open about one's journey can give a sense of camaraderie and remove some of the guesswork from the experience: Am I normal? Is this okay? She is telling how much she weighs- I can too!

I was also wondering if there are any men out there blogging? I have not found a blog written by a man, yet. Is blogging about weight loss for everyone and anyone to read just a feminine phenomenon?

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  1. I agree with you. Even though I don't know any of my followers, I thoroughly enjoy reading about everyone's journey and being completely honest and open about what we are trying and what is working or isn't working for us.