Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 6, Round 2

weigh in: 153.0 pounds
loss of: 2.4 pounds
total loss to date during round 2: 9.0 pounds

I will update more later on today. Have a great day!

Here are some of the updates I wanted to make note of for today:
The buffalo meat was very good! It didn't seem to affect my weight loss either. I also wanted to mention the Gentle Calm detox/cleanse has started to work. I have not been feeling that great in the digestive area the past couple of days. However, I really like this product so far, because last round I would drink a cup of Smooth Move if I was having problems and it was way too harsh. It felt like instead of really improving my digestion the tea just caused a momentary disruption. Very happy about that improvement this round!

I would also like to make an update on the whole clothes situation. The jeans I have been saving for over 5 years (see post titled: The night before Christmas...), well I thought I would just try them on for kicks this morning. I never dreamed I would be able to button them this early in the game! They are ridiculously tight, but I wore them anyway. :) It was better than the others falling off my hips. Another 10 pounds and they ought to fit quite comfortably! YAY!

Another interesting observation I made this morning is about dressing your body according to its current weight and shape. I LOVE the show What Not to Wear with Stacey and Clinton, and not that I have obviously taken any hints, ;) but someday I would like to really try and dress my body appropriately. However, I think I am having a little bit of a break through. I tried on a couple other garments hanging in my closet that I wore last fall. The two skirts I tried on do not look "right" on me anymore. And, not just because the size is too big, but rather it is the wrong cut. I am only 5' 3 1/2" (got to get that 1/2" in :)), and with the weight I have lost I definitely am looking more petite. I think they looked decent enough on me when I was heavier, because they hid much of the weight, but now they are too heavy and pull me down. I don't need as much fabric, perhaps? When I pulled back the fullness of the skirt and streamlined it a bit the skirt looked better on me. I think it will be so much fun to go shopping! I can't wait! It will be fun to experiment with clothes to see if different styles would now look good on my new body!

Oh, and I am definitely going to have my wedding rings resized. I might put them in a safe place for the time being. They are to the point of being quite worrisomely loose!

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