Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keep on a going!

158.6 was the reading on the scale this morning. Down 0.6 pounds from yesterday. Only 2.6 pounds to go to reach 156 before Round 2! I love HCG! Even when I am not on it! My body just responds better to a little effort!

Good day!


  1. That is great! What are you doing to lose the weight before you start back on HCG?

  2. I have done two steak days, but I have had little snacks during the day like cheese or yogurt and it seems to be working! I just love that it seems like it is true about how HCG resets your pituitary gland (I think that's right), because I was an extremely "easy keeper" before and could hardly eat anything before and not lose. So, that is comforting! :)