Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Riddance, Girdles!

Today I wore a vest and jeans I wore continually last fall, because I loved and still do (I can zip it up now- that's a wonderful feeling) the brown vest which I thought covered up some of my problem areas. However, I wore a Kimora girdle without fail almost everyday. I HATE GIRDLES! My husband hates them even more.

So, I just want to say GOOD RIDDANCE to those terrible, awfully uncomfortable girdles! What torture I put myself through because I felt so poorly about my appearance. And, my husband used to say, "I don't know why you wear that thing? I am sorry, but I can't really tell a difference anyway." It used to make me mad, but the truth hurts, right?! :) Well, those days are gone, regardless of not being to my goal weight yet.

This is a picture of me and my girls last fall in the brown vest and jeans I am referring to in the above paragraphs, and let me tell you I got darn good at hiding myself in a picture. Oh and Photoshop helps too! :) It is amazing what lighting and clone stamp tools magically do to a person. What a cheater I am! Anyway, in the following picture I have that stupid girdle on, my kids are hiding me and I found if you sit with your butt down (like in a wagon) your legs will appear smaller. So, this picture is really basically a farce when it comes to my actual body. But, oh well I still LOVE it! My girls are so adorable!

I think I am going to have a girdle burning party someday in the future. haha! :) I also, wanted to mention I actually almost forgot about that constricting girdle until today when I put on these clothes. It thought it was going to get away unscathed. Not so
fast! :)

Thank you again for humoring my ramblings!
Goodnight my wonderful readers and fellow bloggers.

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