Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working the numbers, AND drumroll please...

This morning I have been sitting here scribbling out the various possibilities that could occur based on a couple factors. If I started HCG today with the remaining drops from my first bottle (hopefully, my second bottle will be here at the latest on Wednesday of next week) then I would have a bit of a problem. I unfortunately, weighed in at 160 pounds this morning. So, that would mean after my gorge I would get up to around 165 pounds. I would then have to lose 30 pounds not 25 pounds to get to 135 pounds. A five pound weight difference doesn't seem like a lot, but in reality it is. I want to get into the mid 130's!

After much consideration, I think I will be a little more patient. I am going to make a stronger effort to lose 4-5 pounds in the next few days and start HCG after (have not really been trying one way or the other, which is good, at least I have not gone above 160). I believe I should do this, because I am not sure I will have the endurance to lose that extra 5 pounds from 25 to 30 pounds. And, who is to say it would only take 30 days to lose 30 pounds, because weight loss does slow as you progress further into the round. I, also know towards the end of my first round I was fading fast, and the 3 days after discontinuing HCG seemed like an eternity. :) Anyway, at least I know myself, so I better give myself every advantage and put in the time early.

I know you all wanted to hear all my inner discussions. Sorry and thanks for listening. :)

Oh, and you know those before and after pictures I have been promising forever and just have been reluctant to share, well here they are. This is where the drumroll comes in. :) This is me at 180 pounds. I am now 160 pounds, hopefully soon to be back at 155-156 pounds to start my second round off right. :)
I don't have a waist, and my arms and thighs look so thick. Look at my after picture! I could not even come close to zipping this jacket up before and I have a waist and I definitely can see it in my face and arms! :)
Now for the side pose. Jeez! It is comforting to be 20 pounds away from this picture!

My disappearing tummy, bulky arms and thighs. Yay! :)

Sharing these pictures was kind of hard for me, but I think I finally needed to post them. It gives me motivation for the second round and replaces my nervousness with excitement! So thanks for patronizing me. :)

We all have our own weight loss journey and a common denominator is, and can be (for all those future HCG users) HCG. With diligence and determination we all have the capability of getting down to a healthy and desired weight! Here is to feeling fabulous, healthy and of course sexy again! :) Cheers!


  1. Thanks for posting your pics! You have done a great job, and I wish you continued success on this upcoming round.

    One thing I noticed in your post is that you said the 3 days after the HCG were the worst. I have read that if you are doing the HCG drops (homeopathic HCG), you only need to wait 48 hours from your last dose, since it doesn't stay in your system as long.

  2. Thank you so much for your help. That will be of so much help to me in the future, because it was true I just wanted it to end and get on with my life, you know! :)