Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 2, Round 2- Sweet tooth

weigh in: 159.6 pounds
gain of: 1.4 pounds

I have decided my sweet tooth is officially gone. I cannot stand anything sweet now (except for that pomegranate chocolate :)). I poured Hazelnut Coffeemate in my coffee yesterday and about gagged. I ate a Popsicle and had sugar cookies with frosting and same thing. Yuck! : { Well, that is good in my opinion! I am glad I don't crave and enjoy sweet things like I used to.

Anyway, the Taco Bell chalupas I had yesterday were pretty good, however I could barely eat both of them. One more day of this and then begins the exciting beginning days of taking HCG! Watch those pounds melt away! :) Until tomorrow!


  1. I am curious what sweets are going to taste like to me after I am done with P3. I still think of them fondly, but I am wondering what my taste buds will think.

  2. How lucky to lose the taste for sweets! My craving for sweet carbs almost made me abandon Protocol. I figured I'm dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder and not HCG intolerance. Good luck with your HCG journey.