Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mixin' it up

This after noon I went to the Big Hollow Food Coop downtown and found the above items to assist me while I diet. I would like to share a little about a few of these products. The Yerba Mate teas are amazing!!! I am addicted and it has become my new favorite tea. The taste is excellent and the benefits are supposed to be amazing. Read about it at HCG Diet Information. (You have to scroll down the page a ways, but it is pretty interesting!) I will keep you all posted as to my own personal observations. So far I have had an increase in energy. I have accomplished two big things that have been on my "real estate to do list" forever (and still have time to make this post :))! I am a very part time REALTOR®, but my husband and I opened our own business Raving Real Estate and therefore he needs whatever limited help I can offer. That feels great to mark those items off of the list!

Anyway, I digress. The Gentle Calm product to the left in the picture is a detox/cleanse product which I am very excited to see how it effects my digestive system. Constipation and other factors can be kind of annoying on this diet. The description on the container reads as follows:

"Living clays have long been recognized for their ability to eliminate and destroy toxins and diseased cells. Diatomite Minerals contain vital nutrients that promote glowing clear skin, along with stronger nails, lashes, hair and bones. Psyllium husk powder is one of the most effective natural dietary fibers."

Now, this is not "HCG approved." I am just going to give it a try and see if it affects my weight loss or not. Stay tuned.

I also obtained stevia, Bragg's amino acids, apple vinegar and coconut oil to add into my food preparation. The reason I got these different items is because of a few different resources. If you look to my blog list there is a blog titled: Wee Skinny- Our HCG Journey. There are a couple recipes that I think sound very good and stevia, Bragg's amino acids and apple vinegar are some of the ingredients I need. Additionally, on the website HCG Diet Information there is a long list of other various products, along with the Yerba Mate teas, that may help maximize your weight loss. Once again I will let you all know how I feel about each of these. Oh, and I bought some ground buffalo and local farm fresh eggs. I am going to try out the buffalo tonight (supposed to be really lean) and the eggs were so delicious at lunch! I LOVE those poached eggs! :) See previous post I wrote in July about poached eggs: Day 7- Things are getting a little more difficult!...

I suppose because this is my second round I am feeling like I need to "mix it up" a bit and venture out a little more with experimentation. I also am comfortable with the basics and therefore not as nervous about the diet. We will see what happens, but it is nice to add these different elements to keep my mind actively dedicated during this period.

Let me know if you have any questions, because I know I have a tendency to neglect important facts which would be very helpful in reproducing results. :)

Oh, and that reminds me! I just wanted to throw out this little tidbit to those of you who may not be familiar with homeopathic remedies. Before each dose of HCG I disrupt the bottle. By this I mean, I hold the bottle (with top tightly closed) in one hand and rhythmically strike the bottle three times in the palm of my opposite hand. I don't believe the number of times matters- I am just an old basketball player and I guess the rule of bounce the ball the same way and number of times before every free throw has stuck. :) Anyway, this "energizes" the formula, if that makes sense, and is necessary to get the most from your homeopathic formula: "Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking, which homeopaths term "succussion," after each dilution under the assumption that this increases the effect of the treatment." Wikipedia

Once again let me know if this makes sense. Check out this link if you want to learn more about the theoretical premise behind homeopathy.


  1. Let me know how the coconut oil works for you. I have bought some, but haven't ventured to try it yet. Also, I was told to tap the bottle 10 times with my hHCG - again, not sure if it makes a difference though.

  2. Here is the answer to Anne's question in the post below (as far as I know- if anyone else has some input on this feel free! :))

    The Bragg's amino acids are merely an all purpose seasoning- it is a "Vegetable Protein from Healthy Certified Non-GMO soybeans" statement on the label. I think it is just a way to spice up your food along with getting 16 amino acids. It doesn't help with weight loss directly just helps with the taste of food- it is really good, btw! I tried it yesterday and really like the flavors it brings out. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks, aka Skinny Me for the comment. Ten times! I guess it differs depending on the homeopathic expert you talk to, however it is definitely widely believed and done, disrupting the solution however many times that may be. It makes sense if you think about it to not only "mix the solution" but to also energize it since homeopathy is really based on energy. Anyway, happy losing everyone!