Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doing it yourself...

Hello, everyone! Just a quick post tonight. I have been on a role today apparently. :) Anyway, I just wanted to mention there are a couple drawbacks obviously of doing HCG yourself. You kind of have to figure it out as you go, because you don't have a knowledgeable expert assisting you. However, I wouldn't want it any other way!

I am reading the old and original Dr. Simeons' Manuscript and it is based on injectable HCG. So, there are a few corrections I need to make. You only have to wait 3 weeks in between rounds (still not sure about the length of time you need after the 1st and 2nd round are completed, so when I find that I will post it, or someone may post a comment to my aid). Also, you only have to wait 48 hours after discontinuing HCG at the end of a round (see comment on post below, Thank you AKA Skinny Me!). I also, have no clue about all the abbreviations so please look to my blog list for help there. There are some amazing stories and a deluge of knowledge and experience out there from people sharing their experience through blogs! I am happy to be following and learning from many of these narratives!

The diet portion of taking HCG seems the same, but there are recipes and helpful hints out there to make the days a little more bearable by mixing it up a bit. I will be venturing into those areas during my second round.

Anyway, sorry about the confusion and I hope this helps. I could not afford any other approach other than doing the best I can on my own and with the resources I can gather. Regardless, I am glad that I have at least achieved comparable results. The maintenance period is just not as difficult as I am trying to make it out to be. :) Please feel free to correct me when I am relaying misinformation. I appreciate it immensely!

Goodnight! Hope everyone has a great start to their week tomorrow!


  1. Thank you both for the info about the last 3 days on VLCD only. I am taking the homeopathic hcg and my second round of hcg ends in 3 days. I had already decided that if I was extremely hungry on the 3rd day I'd only do two days of the VLCD only. This new information has sealed the deal. :o) thanks again.

  2. oh and BTW, I am doing this myself as well. :o)I do have a very good friend who did the protocol before and she is my "HCG Mentor" other than that I've researched and gathered all of the info on my own as well ;o)

  3. It is kind of neat to be able to go it alone (with the help and encouragement of friends in person and here :)). I have tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it won't allow me? Am I doing something wrong. Just wanted to congratulate you! You are doing awesome!