Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Still holding steady...

So far, so good. I am still maintaining my weight. During our visit to Colorado Springs I did get up to 160! I ate a little, tiny bit of cake and ice cream and I was already up to 158 that day, so it just bumped me up. I was a bit nervous, but I did a steak day and went back down to 157.4. It works! I am very happy that maintenance is proving quite manageable.

Additionally, I forgot to post that I have been able to fit into two of the garments I took photos of in one of my first posts. I fit into the dress, and had to have my mother-in-law pin it, because it was too big. But, what I am most excited about is the jacket. I fit into it! I love it! It is still a little snug, but it still looks cute. I will take a picture later on.

I can't wait to do my second round, but I am just going to enjoy this month and start at the beginning of October. Time flies, and it will be no time at all. Exercise is also proving very enjoyable! Riding my bike is no longer hard and slightly embarrassing, and I have been working in the yard the past 3 days and I feel great.

Tomorrow is Amelia's birthday! She is going to be 4! I am so excited, and we are going to throw a big party on Saturday. It ought to be pretty fun, if I can keep it all organized- lots of kids coming. :)

Lastly, thanks to those of you who voted and shared your story. It was great!

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