Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 12, Round 2- Not surprisingly

weigh in: 151.2 pounds
gain of: 1.2 pounds
total loss to date: 10.6 pounds

Not surprisingly, I had a gain today. Not really worried about it! :) Thank you for the comments yesterday! I appreciate it. And, if you read Nicole's comment it seems I am not all that abnormal. This can happen and should not be met with too much angst. However, do make good food choices. I did stress over it a bit more last round, but this time around I have welcomed the short break and am just biding my time. Can't wait for my upcoming losses!

Today I ate a strict VLCD (very low calorie diet- for those of you who may not be up on the lingo :)) and feel so much better. My tummy was so full yesterday and I just didn't feel that great even though I really didn't eat all together that much more food. Probably just an additional 5oo calories.

*Cross your fingers* for me tomorrow. :) I suspect I will be right back on track with more gumption and if not that is fine. I can adjust and figure out my next plan of attack. :) Fat, you don't stand a chance!

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