Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 11, Round 2- This is getting old...

weigh in: 150.0 pounds
loss of: 0.4 pounds
total loss to date: 11.8 pounds

I am about ready to lose it! It is a conspiracy, or some cruel trick! Maybe my scale is broken. It only reads 150 and above and can't come up with a reading of anything below 150. Yesterday I worked so hard and followed everything to a tee! I didn't even wear makeup, and for that matter take a shower! :) It doesn't help that last round I had lost 15.4 pounds by Day 11. I know, I know- shouldn't compare, but I can't help it.

I ate boiled chicken breast for lunch, which I cut up and made a salad with spinach and strawberries. For dinner, I broke out the shrimp and had half a grapefruit and one grisinni breadstick. Maybe that was it?! No, I seriously doubt it. I think I have hit a stall and I am just going to have to stick it out. I really don't want to do an apple day, because this morning I felt slightly like I did last round- dizzy and light headed. So, I ate an apple and a quarter of a banana around midmorning and for lunch I ate a veggie burger with tomatoes, onion and lettuce (no bun). I feel better right now and am just going to keep plugging along. It can't last forever! {right?} :)

I did have a bit of a problem about this time last round and perhaps my body just needs a little time to adjust to the sudden weight loss. We'll see? And, to tell you the truth I think it is better I have lost a bit slower this time, because it was just way too fast for me last round and I had a backslide. So theoretically if I can keep going, slow and steady I should be in a better place then I was last round, by that I mean- no weight gain just a short stall. I am just being incredibly impatient! Honestly! Almost 12 pounds lost in 10 days should be celebrated!

Until tomorrow...


  1. I have had more people tell me the R2 is the hardest. I believe it! Hang in there!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I needed the encouragement. :)