Sunday, September 13, 2009

BMI Calculator

I was playing around with this BMI Calculator, and the results I find interesting. At a weight of 155, I am "OVERWEIGHT." Okay, fine. Then I put in a weight of 135 pounds and I am, "AVERAGE." A result of "AVERAGE" remains until I finally put my weight at 105 pounds and then I am "UNDERWEIGHT." I think this is completely ridiculous! 105 pounds, and I am sorry, but I would look emaciated not "UNDERWEIGHT". At 110 pounds or even 115 pounds I think I would look the same. Furthermore, why does the great authority of the BMI take it to an extreme of "OBESE," and yet at 105 pounds I would just be "UNDERWEIGHT?"

I additionally, put a weight in for my height of 95 and 200. The 95 pound weight finally comes up "ANOREXIC," but my risk factor is "MODERATE." At the weight of 200, I would be "OBESE." However, my risk factor is "VERY HIGH." That does not make sense!!! Why are the risk factors so much higher for a 200 pound woman rather than a 95 pound woman? I was only 20 pounds shy of 200 and I sincerely believe I would be in far worse of a health condition if I dropped down to 95 pounds rather than reaching a weight of 200! I have no medical background, but for some reason I find the 95 pound woman much more of a concern? Am I crazy? Oh, another interesting observation. I put in my original weight of 180, and yes I was labeled "OVERWEIGHT," but more interestingly my risk factor with "HIGH!" Are you kidding me? I have a greater risk factor being a 180 pound me versus a 95 pound, ridiculously skinny me???

An explanation of BMI on the site states: "It is primarily implemented to identify obesity problems. Although the body mass index is an accurate representation of weight compared to height, it is not considered accurate to determine obesity and general body health." BMI Calculator

No kidding! So, why may I ask is BMI "
currently the most widely used body weight diagnostic tool."??? BMI Calculator

I don't know, just thought you all might find this amusing? :)


  1. I'm with you the BMI conspiracy! 100%! :o) Have a great week! By the way,Love your black and white photographs.

  2. I was 226 and I'm now 184 after 2nd round of HCG and was told that I am just at my healthy weight limit and should be around 160. I'll look like a stick at 160 lol.

    Thanks for the post.