Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 7- Things are getting a little more difficult!

First I will finish off Day 6:

Lunch: poached eggs! These were so unbelievably good I thought I might die and go to heaven! I think I have just been having a hard time when I am making all this food for my girls and husband and not even being able to take a taste. I am getting better at making the food more flavorful, but it is pretty bland. I poached one whole egg with the whites of 3 other eggs as directed in Dr. Simeon's manuscript. I also had strawberries and spinach with some really delicious tomatoes.

Dinner: chicken breast, orange and asparagus. This was another pretty good meal. I squeezed the juice of the orange onto the chicken and asparagus along with garlic and basil.

Day 7
weigh in: 169.8 pounds
loss of: 1.4 pounds
total loss to date: 10.4 pounds!

I am feeling pretty good physically. I am at that moment though psychologically that I just need to push through. I am craving food I can't have because it is in abundance around me. :( The girls had a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday for lunch that I was just dieing to have just a bite. So far I am remaining strong, but jeez it is hard! I just need to remember this diet is easily disrupted by the slightest deviation and I can't give in. Only 33 days left! :)

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