Monday, April 11, 2011

YES, I did it!!!

P2 R2,  VLCD Day 6
weigh in:  159.8 lbs
loss of:  2.2 pounds

Total loss to date:  (from lowest weight R1) 5.6 pounds
(from starting weight R2) 6.6 pounds
(including load weight) 12.2 pounds

HALFWAY MARK!!!  I have lost 30 POUNDS since JANUARY 21, 2011!!!  Only 15 pounds away from my lowest weight ever!!!  2, 15's down!  2 more to go to reach initial goal of 130 pounds!  

I am beyond thrilled!  I didn't think I would break that elusive 160 mark for another 2 or 3 days.  However, although R2 started out miserably this round is actually proving much more easier for one huge reason I can determine.  My first round (fourth round or whatever you want to call it) was started after many months of being pregnant and then nursing.  And, man oh man did I eat what I wanted.  My body was used to LOTS of food.  I have never counted calories in my life, but all I know is I ate a lot.  It was really difficult to just cut that off to 500 calories a day and I struggled for 33 days during R1.  Water intake was another difficulty.  I drink good amounts of water usually, but not like what you have to on protocol.

So, this round not only am I used to protocol again, but I went through 5+ weeks of maintenance eating quite reasonably and healthy in comparison.  I guess R2 hasn't been as much of a shock as R1.

However, I have only completed 5 days of VLCD.  Anything can happen in the next 16 or so days.  I feel like I can do this and I mean business! :)  

Happy 1st Day of the Week!  Hope this week kicks some butt and takes some names! :)

I will take my 160 pound pictures and post later...  I can't believe where I was just the beginning of the year and now here I am on the downhill slope.  It can get kind of slippery though, need to keep my head and take it one day and one choice at a time.   

(PS- I replied to comments below again on the post not on your page... I know I said I was going to be better about it, but it is just easier- sorry guys!)


  1. WOOHOO!! Congrats.. That's a huge milestone! Bye Bye 160! I can't wait until I can say that too :)

  2. Yay!!!! Congrats that is so awesome! I cannot wait to be where you are. But I think you're so right about the shock. I'm going through it now. Since having a baby and eating everything and anything. Rushing into a 500 calorie diet no matter how many weeks I mentally prepared has been so tough. But reading blogs like yours and seeing your success motivates me beyond this stinking will power I have. Can't wait to keep seeing your progress!!!!!