Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 3, Round 2

weigh in:  172.0 lbs
gain of: 4.0 POUNDS!!!

As I stepped off the scale this morning I said, "No wonder I feel like crap!"  

Load weight equals: 5.6 pounds!

This is one of the best loads I have done.  I know I gained more on one of my other rounds, but I am too lazy and feel too sick to go back and look.  This is the first round where one of my detox symptoms so far is nausea. :(  I also have a massive headache and just feel not so great, but at least now my stomach is not packed full anymore.  This morning I drank 2 liters of water with lemon in it to aid in detox, Super Dieter's Tea, coffee and I took an epson salt bath. 
I had a question from a new follower.  Thanks, by the way!!!  I am so excited to start following your blog too, and I will get an email off to you ASAP.  Anyway, what did I eat during load?  basically anything I wanted and would miss in the next days.  I ate a huge, completely cheesy omelet, homemade cookies, brownies, chocolate Easter candy, raisin bread with butter slathered all over, chips, enchiladas, lasagna, glazed pecans, yogurt covered raisins, licorice, bananas and blueberries (I miss these fruits a ton during VLCD), juices, milk, bacon... Oh man I am getting nauseous just typing all this. :)  So just eat, eat and eat.  Got to get all that abnormal fat ready for mobilization! :) 

It is interesting how HCG has changed me in regard to some of these trigger foods.  Long ago, before HCG I could eat a whole bag of cookies in one sitting without even really thinking about it or even consciously meaning to do so.  The cookies would just be gone before I knew it and sure I would feel full, but not actually sick like I do now.  Of all the listed things above about the only thing I did force all of it down was the omelet.  Everything else I ate a little bit here and there and didn't finish any of the listed items until gone.

Anyway, I am off to go lay down and hope this headache subsides soon.  The load weight will be a distant memory soon enough!

Take care my friends!

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  1. I know you'll be feeling better soon once you start losing again! I have to say reading your loading sounded pretty delicious to me?! Ha! That's what day 6 of the diet will do to you. Good luck with your start, Im glad we are doing it together again!