Friday, April 8, 2011

In love...

Garden daydream
...with this outfit!.  I ADORE the hat and the dress!  I am starting to dream about dressing my new slender body for summer.  This will be the first summer in FOR-E-VER, I will be slim.  I got pregnant shortly after losing a ton of weight for the first time and so last summer was spent being pregnant.  I didn't get to enjoy the much anticipated new summer garb I was so looking forward to.  That summer would have been the first summer season I would have experienced at a smaller size after HCG.  I am so excited for this summer, warmer weather and sun dresses!

Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Super cute!! I'm loving how the belt accent having a smaller waist! I'm excited for this summer as well.

  2. LOVE the dress, is it Anthropologie? I loved A, when I was living in the US, I miss shopping there - the stores were like a little adventure back in time!

    You have to post a photo of you in the dress in summer! Love the new blog also, very spring and fresh!

  3. I love this too! We should all get it and have an HCG convention! :D

  4. I had a girlfriend who used to dress like this - floral dresses, large hats. I wish women dressed like this more often.