Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It all evens out in the wash

P2 R2, VLCD Day 8
weigh in:  159.2 lbs
loss of: 0.0 

Total loss to date:  (from lowest weight) 6.2 pounds in 7 completed VLCD Days- still pretty good...
(from start of R2) 7.2 pounds
(including load weight) 12.8 pounds in 9 days (including load days)

It all evens out in the wash.  This is so true!  Yes, I come flying out of the gates early on, but one can only lose so much in a certain amount of time.  So here I am hitting a stall (I think just a natural stall and also because I have been sick) and so I like to remind myself of how much I have lost in how many days.  This will break, I need to trust that even though every time a stall happens I am disappointed. :) 

Anyway, I feel much better today.  I did end up increasing my Vitamin C yesterday (didn't have any zinc) and it cleared up my ear, which is awesome because I can live with a stuffed up head for a little while.  Those earaches are the worst, though.  

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!  I haven't had the energy or time to take pictures yet, but will soon.  I am still basically 160 pounds- so hopefully I can get them done today.

Hope you all are well!


  1. I am starting to get a serious head cold also and I hope it doesn't stick around long. I see my drops are out to be delivered today so I am right on track to get loading this weekend!

  2. Your post was right on time for me today!! I'm RIGHT where you are! Remember how well you have done to date will help get you thru the mini stall. Following protocol will eventually give you a great loss!!

    Hope you are feeling better :)

  3. You're still doing good.

    I should be joining your HCG journey by next week. :D

  4. I love your attitude that when something arises that is hard to take, you see the logic in it and persevere knowing if you never deviate from the plan, you WILL have success. Go you!