Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 1, Round 2 (or, Round 5...)

...depends on how you look at it.  I am splitting up my HCG experience with BP (Before Paine) and AP (After Paine).  3 Rounds BP, and now I am on the 2nd Round AP.  Just in case newcomers were wondering.  

weigh in: 166.4 lbs
above lowest weight by 1 pound!

Yes, I know I am a pound above my lowest weight, but you know what this is the best I have ever done on maintenance!  And, I am so very happy and proud of myself!  

As I write this I have my first dose of Round 2 under my tongue.  (I would have started yesterday, but was still feeling sick and thought I would wait one more day.  Still feeling the residual affects of being really sick, but got to get going.)  Let the loading begin!  I have to go get some food, and it is snowing!  Spring!  Where are you???  Oh, right I forgot where I live.  Summer only lasts 2 months out of the year here- jk, but not too far off. :)

What to eat for my "last supper," in essence?  I really don't have anything specific on the list except chocolate and cookies!  Those two things I know I will miss like crazy during VLCD so basically I am going to try and make myself so sick of them I won't want to see a cookie or piece of chocolate for 23 days. :)  

I fully expect to gain a lot this load period and that is okay.  I am scared to see 170 something again, but who cares?!  It will be gone within a couple days anyway. 

My goal for this round is to reach 145 pounds!!!  Pre-baby body here I come!  Oh man!  I can't wait!  However, I would absolutely love to say I will have great resolve and be able to continue long past 23 days to reach 140.... but I am not delusional either. :)  I know how those final days of VLCD can be, and maintaining focus and determination can be quite difficult for me.        

So, here is to a great second round!  And, wishing you all well too!
Until tomorrow!  Happy force feeding. :)  (non-HCGer's must think us nuts, but it works!)


  1. Hooray for round 2! So proud of you too that maintenance worked!! :)

  2. Enjoy! I am (already) missing that chocolate! Have some for me!

  3. Welcome back to P2! Enjoy the loading!!!