Saturday, April 9, 2011

I bet you can guess...

weigh in: ???
P2 R2, VLCD Day 4
Yep, you guessed it!  162.0 lbs

loss of:  1 pound
Total loss to date: (from lowest weight) 3.4 pounds
(from R2 starting weigh) 4.4 pounds
(including load weight) 10 pounds! (wow!  already hit 10 pounds lost from load weight in 6 days- that has got to be a personal record for me?  Will have to check...) 

I can't believe this?!  So once again an even pound weight! It really has been losses of 4, 3, 2, 1.  Hopefully, tomorrow doesn't register 0!  Anyway, I was starting to wonder about my scale- so I had my girls step on the scale today.  They both had weights with .something?  So I don't know?  I guess this round of HCG is wanting to make subtraction especially easy. :)

And, ladies and one guy thanks for all the comments!  Karyn- I am not sure if it Anthropoligie or not?  I saw the image on another blog and it wasn't labeled.  But I absolutely LOVE that store, too!  I am just a window shopper though, hope to change that someday. ;)  And since you mentioned the store I went online to check it out.  I found this swimming suit from Anthropoligie that I think is so neat!  It is a vintage cut, and although I would love to wear a bikini (but not that desirable due to baby battle scars), I do love the more modest vintage cuts! 

And helderheid- I think you have a fabulous idea... wouldn't it be great to all get together and go shopping too?  Since we have all been supporting each other on this HCG journey together in a sense.  We can always dream. :)  

And, just because I am on a kick right now here is another lovely, simple dress.  I think I would add turquoise jewelry and/or a yellow heel? :)

  Oh, happy days of shopping!


  1. You are doing Great!! And I love this sundress!

  2. Your losses are incredible! This is really motivating, 10 pounds, are you kidding me?!! I love that swimsuit also, they are so cute, I love vintage. The white dress is stunning, sexy in a ladylike way, you have great taste!

  3. WTG! 10lbs in 6 days!! HOpe I can say that!! :)
    Thanks for having such a great blog. It really helped me kicked start my HCG journey!! And thanks for stopping by my blog.