Thursday, April 7, 2011

P2 R2, VLCD Day 2, 165.0

weigh in:  165.0 lbs
loss of: 3 pounds!

Total loss to date 7 pounds in 2 VLCD days!  This is nuts!  I completely did not expect this loss!  I weighed 4 times!  All four times registered:  165.0

I decided I should become a little more technical with what is going on.  I like to just put the day and call it good, but I have been thinking I am not going to count all my load weight this time.  I am going to just start from my lowest weight and go from there:  165.4 lbs.

So, technically I am down 0.4 pounds from my lowest weight ever for this wave of HCG rounds after Paine.... and down 1.4 lbs from my starting point for R2. 

This is going to sound insane, but I seriously am already in dislike of R2.  Yesterday, was so hard even though it was only Day 2!  Round 2 once again is proving difficult in the mental resolve area.  I think it is because P3 and then P4 are so easy going and even enjoyable- if you are stabilized.

However, this morning with a 3 pound loss,  well of course I feel better about the whole situation- for now. :)  I have got to hold on for 23 days if I want to come close to my goal of 145.  20 more pounds, that is all and yet it seems so far away. 


  1. 3 pounds!!!!! That's terrific! As memory serves, my 2nd round was soooooooo hard to wrap my head around. I had such a successful first round and stabilized beautifully, and had enjoyed P3/P4 so much since I could eat and not gain - I'd had a taste of what life could be that going back to P2 was so hard. Every round after that one was a lot easier mentally!

    <3 <3 :)

  2. I was the SAME way with my (original) R2! I just couldn't get in the groove of things! 1 excuse after another :( But this (redo) R2 I am feeling awesome! And the scale is proving why. You and I are about @ the same stage so it'll be nice to follow you! Phase 3 is my favorite & I could live there forever. AWESOME RELEASE!

  3. You are awesome! This is great news and though (yes!) it is hard, the end result is worth it! Thanks so much for your comments on both my blogs! Cant wait to see the next few weeks go for you!