Sunday, April 17, 2011

Both Good and Bad.

P2 R2, VLCD Day 12

weigh in:  156.8 lbs
loss of:  0.6 pound

Total loss to date:  8.6 pounds
(including load weight) 15.4 pounds

You all are going to hate me right now.  I have no idea why I lost?  I gave in yesterday afternoon and ate glazed pecans, cream cheese on turkey (don't judge, I was being creative :)), Graham crackers.... And, then to top it all off a small delicious pancake (I have finally started trying to cook a little differently for my family and used whole wheat and stevia in the pancakes and they were AWESOME!-- even my husband thought so, which is crazy because he is weird and not that big of a fan of pancakes. :))  

And, I was just fine until about 2.  I even had this amazing lunch with chicken cooked in coconut oil and apples and mushrooms (not on protocol) added to the chicken with cinnamon and basil.  YUMMY!  But it just started to crumble and I was just done for that day.  I was bored and so I ate.  I however, worked hard in the yard, did some yoga (felt wonderful, btw!) and drank some Super Dieter's Tea, took an epson salt bath and I guess that provided for a loss?  I don't know.  All I know is weekends can be very, very bad for a dieter of any kind.  I hope I don't have any repercussions tomorrow, but if I do- well I need to take it like a woman, because it was my choice to cheat.     

Anyway, I am still staring at my pictures in awe that I am so very close to being back to pre-baby weight!  I can't even believe those before pictures were me??!  I mean I was out walking around like that! lol!  It is surreal (and probably the reason I cheated- I do that, my mind needs a chance to catch up with my weight loss).  For some reason I had it in my head I would never get back, it was too far.  But here I am in real no time at all, on the verge- 10 pounds away.  But this time another pregnancy is not in the works.  The work I started  in 2009 was interrupted and so, now is the time even though I will get back to pre-baby weight another round is in my near future.  130 is my goal.  Getting closer and closer everyday.  

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  1. Come on lady bug you can do it! Put it down. Tell yourself it's not worth. lol
    I know it was yummy though huh? You want to be skinny more than you want to eat that bad stuff. It's not worth the gain. You'll be in the 130s before you know it. This diet is amazing.