Friday, April 8, 2011

P2 R2, VLCD Day 3, 163.0

weigh in:  163.o lbs
loss of:  2.0 pounds

Total loss to date: (from lowest weight) 2.4 pounds
(from R2 starting point) 3.4 pounds
(including loading day weight) 9.0 pounds

Another big loss!  4, 3, 2...  Hopefully tomorrow will bring a good loss, too- but we all know early VLCD does not last forever. :)  It is strange that I have been dropping in whole numbers to date, also.  172.0, 168.0, 165.0, 163.0  Interesting.  Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! :)  

I am off to read all of your blogs!  Didn't get a chance yesterday- and also want to thank you ladies for the comments yesterday.  Thank you so much for the support!  Hope you all are well!  Until tomorrow...    

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