Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 2, Round 2

weigh in:  168.0 lbs.
gain of:  1.6 pounds

Wow!  I completely expected to weigh 190 pounds again this morning.  I feel SOOOO fat and bloated!:)  What is it about you want what you can't have?  By this I mean, during loading when you "can" eat anything and everything you want- you don't want to and it can be so difficult.  And then, when you are "forbidden" to eat basically all food except a select few you start desiring the ones you could barely eat in the beginning? :)  Crazy!?

Seriously, I sat at the table with this insane spread and felt so sick after eating hardly anything, relatively.  I  am used to eating "reasonably" ie. smaller portions, relatively better food, and definitely not very much sugar and carbs.  Oh man, one more day of this and then I can start the process of detoxing all this crap and fat of course!  I just wish I could hold onto this feeling through VLCD.  The feeling of: "I am so full and feel so gross.  I never want to feel this way again!"  I mean I am all itchy (dairy and sugar are evil for my skin).  My skin is broken out, my body feels stiff and I feel sluggish. :(  Ack!  Please, remember this awfulness and when you get it in your head you just need something terrible to eat on VLCD- DON'T do it! 

I am almost certain no amount of begging my brain to get a clue is going to work, but I will try to come back to this post in the future when I feel my resolve wavering. 

Final load day, here I come!     

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  1. I am right with you with one more day of the gorge. I have learned to hate it. And its just what you say, when I can't have it, I want it, when I am supposed to eat it, it is disgusting. Good luck!