Saturday, December 12, 2009


The next topic may be TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Now before you get your hopes of hearing about something interesting let me just clear it up early- this post is going to be about bowel movements. That's right. Don't read on if you don't want to be grossed out. :)

This round has been awesome in the area of BM's. My first two rounds were not very comfortable and kind of annoying. Constipation was the dominant state I found myself in. But every now and then I would have those irritating bowel movements where it just won't all come. I would drink a cup of Smooth Move tea that would just tear up my insides and make me sick. You get the idea- no fun! During this round I am consistently taking those supplements I mentioned before and it has been amazing! (see post Third time is a charm) I have those big, all-in-one movements all the time, with no effort. It just happens! I have also weighed myself before a BM and after and during this round I can expel up to 0.8 pounds after! That is a lot! My first couple of rounds it would be 0.2 to 0.4 pounds at the most (and most the time I would gain after? Who knows?). So why do I put you through all these disgusting visuals? Well, it is my hope that by offering my experience it can potentially ease another person's experience. I would completely suggest finding a good supplement and taking silicae! Love it! It is amazing how being constipated can really make you feel yucky. But no more! And that makes me very happy...


  1. your post is JUST what I needed to know, Caitlin! Where did you buy your supplements? Did you get them all from one place? Did you have to order them online? Do you think the main reason you're more regular now, is the silicae? I'm very interested in getting what you're taking, for now, and for my next round starting January 1.

    Unfortunately, just moments before reading your post, I sat down and had a cup of Smooth Move tea! I haven't had it before.... yikes.

  2. Don't worry about the Smooth Move tea- it affects some that way and others it does not. I drink every now and then, because honestly I like the taste and it doesn't bother me anymore now.

    I bought all those supplements at a local natural medicine store. But you can buy online. Just be careful because the natural medicine arena can be quite a bandwagon everyone is trying to get on. I would be willing to check out a site for you if you want me to and give you my opinion. My mother was big into alternative medicine and I have leaned a little from her.

    I think I put links on the two supplements, but silicae I would just suggest finding a local store and buying it (I like the brand in my post I linked to above- can't remember the name right now without going back to it, but I put a picture up too of it if that helps). It is so awesome and has made my life so much easier! I wish you luck and let me know if I can be help more, because sometimes I am trying to be clear but I just am not. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing that info with me-- I'm off to the Vitamin Shoppe here, where I googled, and they carry the silicea. Your post helped me!

  4. I'm glad you decided to post on this topic. After all it's about sharing info, the good and the gross, but we all are going thru the same thing. I'm gonna take a look at your post and then it's off to the market!It's just what I needed!

  5. me again: How many silicea do you take a day, and at what intervals? Do you take a certain amount in the morning, and then again at night, or all in the morning? I'm getting the 30X/C like you got....

  6. I try to take it twice to three times daily. I take my HCG and wait the right amount of time and eat then 15 min. after eating I take some silicae. It is really the only way I can remember to take it, but I have noticed- some days I only take it once but I am still good. Now I don't have a BM every day, but I don't feel constipated and when it happens well it is a lot easier on me and everything. :)

  7. Oh, and has the smooth move worked on you yet? Just curious.

  8. smooth move tea has not worked yet. Its been exactly 9 hours since I took it, and nothing. I got the silicea this afternoon, and am wondering how long after taking it, can I expect any results?

    thank you again, for helping me with this-

  9. ps. How many pills are you taking a day?

  10. Perhaps tomorrow?? I know when I first started taking it it took a couple of days and now it just seems easier for my body to respond when I need the silicae. And I think I said I took it daily which is not true, because you want to discontinue taking it once relieved, but on the days when I need help I take it like I stated above. I take 3-4 under tongue. I hope it will work for you soon! Are you taking a vitamin/mineral supplement just regularly? I think that has a lot to do with my overall bodily function this round.

  11. Thank you again, Caitlin, for taking the time to help me with this. I took 5 of the silicea under my tongue to start out. Aside: what is with the design of that little bottle? I had to get a knife and tear the thing apart to get the pills out! They wouldn't come out any other way. Now I have them in a ziploc baggie.

    In any case, I guess the Smooth Move tea sort-of kicked in about 10:30 last night. It wasn't what I was expecting though. In any case, this morning I had lost 3.3lbs from my steak day yesterday. So, there's no room for me to complain about the results!

    I do need to get a vitamin/mineral supplement. My first round I was taking potassium & biotin separately. They did help. I saw the adrenal caps you are taking, and the Life's Fortune vitamins. What do the adrenal caps do?

    Thank you again.....

  12. What happened with the bottle? It should should just unwrap and then there is a screw top on one end. I can't believe that happened with the bottle! :) Crazy! congrats on the loss!!! That is wonderful!

    About the adrenal caps I take I can't say it much better than this:

    "The adrenal glands work together with the pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the brain to produce a number of different hormones. These hormones are key components for your health and vitality.

    They are responsible for the functioning of every tissue, organ and gland in the body, as well as affecting the way we think. Adrenal glands maintain metabolic processes by managing blood sugar levels and regulating inflammation as well the balance of salt and water.

    The primary function of the adrenals is to assist your body in dealing with all forms of stress including physical, emotional and psychological stress. Many circumstances cause an individual to feel stressed - ranging from illness, injury, feeling overworked, under pressure, having too little sleep (insomnia), a family quarrel or financial problems. When one has a low adrenal function, the body struggles to adapt to these stresses."