Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I just ran across this website and started going through the countless examples of vinyl wall decals. I am in love! I just adore them! I have been driving myself nuts thinking about what I am going to do with my dining room and living room area (remember the picture of my Christmas tree) and now I have a clearer idea. Our house is very modern looking with clean lines and wide open spaces. My dining room is huge and that burnt orange wall has been giving me trouble. So, check out the following sampling of a few of my favorites (not necessarily just for my dining room, but I might just get crazy with this idea). Lavenderdiva I will be extremely interested in your opinion since you have such expertise and an eye for this kind of thing. :)

Check out for yourself! These decals are surprisingly affordable, too!

Some of my favorites for a child's room. I am thinking of buying some of the bird decals on their own for starters to add to the tree I painted for my youngest daughter (since I never got around to painting some in): If wishes were horses

This along with other designs by this designer are actually made of fabric and the child can take them off and on to dress the little girl! So cute!

Aren't they just fabulous! I just love the pristine color and distinct style!

Goodnight you all!


  1. These are too cool ~ thanks for sharing the site!

  2. Two words: LOVE IT! I think they would be perfect in your dining room. We have used similar ideas before in my work, and they are super cute when applied. They don't hurt the wall they're going on either. They're a bit tricky to install (the directions always make it sound easy!), and its best to have a helper on the job.

    Can you select the colors you want? You've posted so many beautiful and cute designs, it would be hard to select just one! Go for it!