Tuesday, December 29, 2009


New Year's Eve is rapidly approaching. 2010... you are coming whether we are ready or not! It seems like yesterday when it was turning 2001, the year I graduated from high school. How is it time flies by so quickly? I feel like I have been asleep or something. This new year has me thinking. This will be the first new year that I will not have the following on the resolution list:

1. Lose weight (whatever it might have been)

Yes, I still have weight to lose, but it has fallen from my priority list! What an exciting prospect!!! Now my energies can be focused onto other equally and perhaps even more important facets of character building. This morning I was so completely depressed with my obsession of thinking about my weight. I was almost repulsed by the fact that my thoughts have very rarely deviated from that stupid scale. I just don't want to think about it anymore, and yet I do. It almost gives me comfort to know I can now have control over something in my life, which I never thought possible even if it won't give me a break. I can't seem to relax and start thinking about other things, because it is apparent my weight will always need my watchful eye and I am just going to have to find acceptance. However, it will become less and less of an issue as the months and years fall away as I maintain the slimmer and healthier me.

This new year is just an opportunity and excuse to start focusing my energies elsewhere, or rather finding a balance between weight and world peace. (Once again cheesy, but I wanted another word that started with a "W." I don't know how you all put up with me. haha! :))

What is it that I would like to try and accomplish this year?

  1. Become a better mother. I want to be better and better- the best I can be! This is the greatest and most important feat of my life and sometimes I forget this. They need me to at least give it my all. They deserve this! I need to practice patience and better parenting practices. But, most of all my father-in-law said this to me, "One thing I wish I would have done more as a young father is say yes to any request made from my children for me to spend some quality time with them." I am going to try and keep this in the back of my mind always. It is so simple and yet means so much.
  2. Become a better wife. There are so many things we can do to improve our most treasured relationships and yet I find myself putting them off until tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. I am not really sure as to the steps I am going to take towards doing better in this role, but I want to look into it.
  3. If I have something loving and caring to say to someone I love, I will say it! This year I have had reoccurring threads of thought which echo the words I said in relation to the loss of Mattie- "Live every moment as if it were your last."
  4. Put more time and effort into Raving Real Estate.
  5. Finish my children's book writing venture and see if I can produce something of quality.
  6. Exercise more- run a 5K or more than one!
  7. Read, read much more.
  8. Make my faith and practice a priority, because when I do the things above fall in line naturally.
I am sure there are things I am forgetting, but for now this is my list. I look forward to you, 2010! I will leave you with these adorable, sequined New Year's Eve dresses. One year I would love to buy a dress as such and wear it to a New Year's party. Perhaps next year! :)

PS- Don't you just love the version of Auld Lang Syne on my playlist. I just love it! Makes me reminiscent and romantic feeling.

Click on this picture to enlarge and go to website where these dresses can be found.

This one is not sequined, but I thought it was beautiful- love the color!

Oh, and just because I forgot to post earlier. I am starting HCG tomorrow morning. I did not lose as much as I was hoping for and thought I would give it one more day. I weighed in at 146.o pounds this morning. Cross your fingers for a larger loss to get me a little more ahead going into this last big push! :)

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  1. I really think your list is awesome... and so very relevant! When you have struggled with weight every year, and now have soemthing else that can become a priority, that is a victory! Best wishes for a good start on your "new" priorites as you ring in the New Year!