Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 15, Round 3- I am back!

weigh in: 142.6 pounds
loss of: 1.8 pounds!!!
total loss of: 12.6 pounds in 14 days!!!

Okay, people! I am back! I was so proud of myself yesterday and was just hoping the scale would reflect my efforts and it sure did!

I will update later on today, got to run!

Update: The 3 W's! Wake, Weigh and Water! See post below. Thank you so much helderheid and lavenderdiva! I will keep you posted as to how it goes if and when I have another episode. I think it is brilliant and I very much appreciate your advice. I love this blog and the network I have immersed myself in, because it seems like whenever I call out someone or multiple people are there to give me encouragement and support. Thank you! I can only hope to return the favor whenever possible.

Also, I would like to mention what I ate yesterday. I made the same thing for lunch and dinner. Loved it that much! I made a meatloaf kind of thing. I put some lean ground beef with one egg and a crunched grissini breadstick (with some parsley and basil). I baked it for 20 minutes. Oh, and I even put some ketchup on top and baked it for an additional 5 minutes. I had some celery with the meatloaf, too.

Yesterday I thought I needed to do whatever I could to not want to cheat and if that meant not really following protocol to a tee then that is what I had to do. Fortunately, it worked and gave me the momentum I needed to push through. It just has been so cold here and I am so sick of the same chicken and hamburger I have been eating. I wanted something flavorful and warm and this was the ticket! Oh, yummy!


  1. Darn tootin', yer back! That's one heck of a loss there missy! Congrats!!!

  2. Good for you!!!

    So, do you feel that you're getting really close to your goal?