Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 14, Round 3- 14 days of Christmas

weigh in: 144.4 pounds
loss of: 0.6 pounds
total loss of: 10.8 pounds

There are 14 more days until Christmas. I have already come 14 days (when this day is completed). I have lost an average of 0.8 pounds a day. I am happy. However, I know I could have done better and therefore that is why I am setting a short term goal, even though I said I would not. I want to lose at least 10 pounds in the next 14 days. That would land me at 134 pounds. I will see how realistic this goal is in the next couple of days, but I just feel like I need to give my mind something to focus on. I feel like I am getting a little lazy and wandering from the path here and there. So this is the goal: 10 pounds in the next 14 days.

Also, I would like to discuss in more depth my issues. I know you all are so excited! :) I am a food addict, plain and simple. I have a problem and I am learning to deal with it, however I do have those days when it all goes to heck. That gain of 2.2 pounds, well that was due to the fact that every now and then I get these incredible urges at night. I will half asleep/half awake wake up in the middle of the night and eat for the sake of eating. I ate a ton of chocolate chips and sundried tomato and basil wheat thins. I ate cheese and walnuts, too. It is a terrible feeling when I am in these "trances," for lack of a better word. I feel completely out of control and all reason goes out the window. Why do I have these spells? I am not exactly sure. If my memory serves me well I think it started after I had my babies. You are up a lot during the night in those early months. I started eating during the night after feeding the baby and she had gone to sleep. I have come a long way, because my food of choice before, I have to disgustingly admit were Oreos. I know slap me now! And I wonder why I was fat?!

How do I conquer these midnight urges? I guess, keep doing what I am doing. Each day get farther and farther away from that person I used to be. Set a goal. That is why I chose to bring out the goal at this point. I need something to help me get through the upcoming days and I am nervous I might have another night like the one described above. I don't know if a goal will at all help, but it did during my first round and so I am hoping for the same during this round. I need to keep pushing myself and not give in or give up. I can do this! Only 10 more pounds to go after I reach my short term goal. And once I hit my short term goal that will give me a couple pounds wiggle room going into the holiday.

Anyway, that is my logic and we will see what the next few days bring. I need to build up some momentum.


  1. Huh! That's interesting! Do you wake up every night? I don't know if this would help, but I wake up usually between 3-4 every morning. It's when I get up, go to the bathroom, weigh myself, take my thyroid medication and drink a huge thing of water and then I plug into my meditation CD and go back to sleep. I'm actually worried and told my husband to make sure there is no water or medication next to my bed the night before my surgery as I am not to have anything after midnight. Anyway, perhaps you could train yourself to do the same thing - and perhaps getting on the scale would focus you. Just a thought? Anyway, I'm glad you're blogging about it. I really think when we address it, it takes some of the power and control it has on us away.

  2. I don't do it every night. This past time was the first time in about a month and a half or so. I used to do it for about 3 nights in a row and then not for a couple a nights and then start back in. But that was before HCG and I think I have gained control mostly of it, because I am not depressed about my weight and no longer have a "who cares, I'm fat anyway attitude." I am going to try your suggestion though and just have it there as a back up- if I wake, weigh and drink water! :) Thank you so much!

  3. Recognizing the troubling behaviour is the first step to correcting it. You seem to have a handle on it, and have identified certain triggers. You're more in control of your weight than you have ever been, and you will continue to get stronger physically and emotionally. You won't need to binge and won't feel the pull to do so as you get stronger.

    helderheid's plan is a good one, just get in the habit of wake, weigh, & water....