Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 10, Round 3- Little black dress...

weigh in: 145.4 pounds
loss of: 1.0 pound
total loss of: 9.8 pounds

It has been a crazy past two days. I am not really sure what all happened, but I am still down regardless of not being strict to protocol. I went to a craft night where there was a wonderful sampling of casseroles and I had some (a very small portion mind you, but still). Last night was our annual Realtor Christmas party. We had such a good time and I ate prime rib and fruit and some corn (I resisted the starches!). I would like to take a little more time to discuss the party, because for the first time in my life I wore a black strapless dress. I felt amazing! I was cleaning my downstairs closets last weekend and I came across an old bridesmaid dress. I never wore this dress. I was to be in a wedding 6 months after I had my first daughter and I was so much larger than I had ever been in my life. I brilliantly, ordered the dress 3 sizes too small thinking I would work hard to lose weight to fit into the dress. I must have been insane! I would have had to lose 35 pounds!!! I know this because I just tried it on for kicks and it fit perfectly!

I want to share my new found love of alteration! This is the dress before alterations (I just had it shortened to right below my knee): I look weighed down and not as skinny as I really am, but...

Here it is after!!! A completely different dress! I got a beautiful party dress for the cost of $30 in alterations. (Sorry, I didn't want to take the time to set up the tripod and the mirror is pretty dirty with little kid hand prints :)). I think I look pretty darn amazing!

I found these adorable shoes downtown! Love them!

I have a collarbone and shoulders!!! :)

My handsome date! ;)

Cutting a rug! My husband and I danced and tried to remember the West Coast Swing dance we learned a few months ago, but to no avail. We have fun anyway! I also got to dance some western swing with our friend and fellow Realtor. I haven't danced that dance for years and it was so much fun! My husband got some shots, but unfortunately my camera doesn't do so well in low light.

It was so wonderful to have people notice how differently I look since last Christmas, but more importantly it was how I felt this year- confident and beautiful! No girdles, uncomfortable self-conscious tugging at my dress or rearranging in the bathroom- just fun and enjoyment of a night out in the company of my husband and friends.

Happy Holidays! December has officially begun! :)


  1. You look beautiful, way to go!!

  2. What great inspiration you had with the bridesmaid dress! It's fab and you are gorgeous! I'm happy for you, that you had such a great evening!

  3. My God, you are STUNNING. Simply stunning! You are radiant! You've got to be higher than a kite right now!

  4. Love the pics and of course you look FABULOUS! The dress really does look much better shorter and really shows your figure much better.
    Great losing!

  5. You look FABULOUS in that dress!! Absolutely amazing!! Congrats!!!

  6. You do look beautiful! This is Jamie from the craft night. I just emailed you a ton of questions. Thanks for introducing me to HCG!

  7. awesome!!!

  8. VA-VA-VAAAAA-VOOM!!!! You are gorgeous! You are radiating beauty & self-confidence- you are glowing! Its wonderful! Kudos to you on finding and then 'creating' such a pretty dress from the bridesmaid's dress; that's ingenious! You are so pretty, and look like you had such a good time at the party with your husband! I know you must have gotten oodles of compliments!!

  9. Awwww! Thank you so much to you all! I really appreciate all the comments. I am so proud of myself and so happy for coming away from a special occasion feeling wonderful! That usually does not happen. :)