Sunday, October 25, 2009

If wishes were horses

There are times when I wish I would take more time to do more of the things I love. Here I will reveal a little more about me and the other goals, dreams and wishes I have other than losing weight. :)

I have drawn since a very young age and I really love it. I do a drawing every month of a different house around our city for our local real estate Home Guide advertisement. It is a lot of fun. I like being able to meld a few of my interests together: art, architecture, history and people...

I am aspiring to be a children's book author. I was accepted into the Institute of Children's Literature and it is absolutely amazing! Someday I hope to see a book published and my name in print. :)
As I have mentioned before, I love to run! I want to do more... I want to run a marathon next spring.

I love designing interior spaces to the best of my ability. These are a couple examples of the rooms I did in our home. I painted the tree on the wall in the nursery and I think it is so pretty! This room started out with lime green tile and dingy walls and drab curtains. I would love to do more simple makeovers for other people...

A couple other examples...

We have beautiful mountains here in Wyoming and Colorado is not too far off either. I would love to hike more.

I would like to make more crafty things. I have always thought it would be so neat to have my very own creative room in the house.

I do have my real estate license. However, I have not really put much effort into becoming the best REALTOR® I possibly can. I mainly help out at our new office and am getting to a point where it might be more enjoyable for me since I will have care for my children during the time I work! That is exciting!

The concept behind the name of our company my husband decided upon, Raving Real Estate is to be so good at what we do and the relationships we procure that we create Raving Fans who refer us with great enthusiasm. Also, notice the spinning "V" on our sign. Pretty neat?! :)
I really love photography and would love to someday perfect my equipment and skill.

Draw, write, run, interior design, photography, real estate, AND my biggest desire: I would love to get a horse again someday... I grew up with horses and this is the longest I have been away from the wonderful animals. I would also like to ride in a couple endurance rides. They sound like so much fun and a great way to meet other horse people. All in good time...


  1. Wonderful post, I enjoyed getting acquainted with you! I'm envious of your drawing talent. I can't draw a stick figure.

  2. Wow! How talented you are! I'd love to see more of your drawings and photos sometime.