Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 7, Round 3- Still a good loss

weigh in: 147.6 pounds
loss of: 1.2 pounds
total loss of: 7.6 pounds

Lunch: chicken tenderloin and chopped apples on spinach
Dinner: hamburger cooked with chopped onions and celery, and an apple

I drank a complete 3.5 liters yesterday! Along with a couple cups of tea...

Still a good loss and morning weigh-in has been my motivation through these days (and needs to be throughout my last round)! I need to do the absolutely best I can during the day and then whatever the number on the scale pops up I can still be proud of myself. :) As we all know, who have been on HCG for any length of time, as long as you stay true to protocol even if you have a day with low losses or no loss at all it doesn't mean things aren't happening. I am glad this round I am not just thinking it is all butterflies and buttercups, because if you aren't prepared for a slow than you will most definitely be disappointed. HCG is not completely magic, just partially. haha!


  1. You go! That is a great loss by my book!

    This might be a good 25 day round for you if those numbers keep up! :) heh. Only 25 more pounds till your done. BING! That is so awesome. I'm so happy for you! Home Stretch! Keep your eyes focused on the goal, and you won't notice the forbidden fruits around you! :)

  2. Thanks! I really needed that! I just made my girls a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and licked a tiny bit off of my finger. It tasted so good, but I resisted and reminded myself I would regret it tomorrow morning if I ate anymore. So hopefully that little taste won't be a regret! :) Got to stay focused is right!

  3. Hi Caitlin,
    How are the vitamins, minerals, and silicae working for you?

    As for this final round, go pull out a pair of those 16's and sit with them for a while... Allow yourself for just a moment to remember all those feelings and why you are doing this.

    You are going to have a fabulous round period! :) KUTGW!!!