Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I completed my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. I am taking a break from cleaning my home and thought I would make a quick post. I am so excited, because this will be the very first year of my grown life that I will be preparing the dinner all by myself. I hope I was paying attention all these years of being an assistant. :) I will post some pictures of the feast. (Oh, and thanks Autumn Rose- I am going to use your green bean recipe. :)). A fun day of Thanksgiving preparations and R3 preparations (because I will be eating all I can of the yummy food :))! Yipee!

I hope my cold is mostly gone by tomorrow. I have just been pushing myself through the day, because I really do just want to sleep. And, my lower back is killing me! I have no idea what I did, go figure?! It has been a good day, regardless. :) I will leave you with the following picture. Thought it was pretty neat (or crazy!- these adults brought a little child out onto the ice of frozen Niagara Falls). Anyway, although Thanksgiving is in a couple days my leaf and fall colored decorations don't seem to fit amid all the snow and cool temperatures. Christmas decorations are soon to make their annual debut!

Niagara Falls 1911- Although it is not unusual for the falls to receive snow, it is rare for the falls to freeze.


  1. You're going to do a great Thanksgiving meal this year! Its really easy when you think about it. I think a lot more is made of it than need be. Mostly, its a lot of prep work, but the actual cooking part is simple. There can be a lot of organization because of the ovens, such as when to put what in, but you'll work all that out. Don't worry, just enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate it- I am going to do all I can for the day before and hopefully it will all go smoothly tomorrow. :)